Acrylic Fabrication: Why Choose Acrylic Nail Polish Racks

Nail polish racks can be made from various materials, but the two most common materials used for making such items are metal and acrylic. Between the two, acrylic is the better option. There are several reasons why this is so.

Blends well with any décor

Most of the acrylic nail polish racks you’ll see in the cosmetics section of department stores are clear and transparent. This is because clear and colourless racks are the perfect choice when it comes to interior decoration. Their lack of colour makes them blend well with any décor—colourful or minimalist or eclectic. Also, the transparent characteristic of acrylic gives your nail polish rack the illusion that your nail polish bottles are floating in the air.


Acrylic nail polish racks are often more affordable than their other counterparts. And because of the economical nature of such items, you can buy new racks every time without digging deep into your pockets.


Acrylic nail polish racks are lightweight, thus making them easy to move around. In fact, one can carry a counter rack with all the bottles in it without putting too much strain on themselves. With regard to acrylic wall-hung racks, the lightweight feature makes them rather easy to install. Almost anyone can hold the rack with one hand while using the other hand to mark spots on the wall where the nails or screws should go.

Strong and Durable

Acrylic as a material is pretty strong and durable. They can withstand considerable impact and if they do shatter, they break up into large pieces with blunt edges, thus making them a safe option.

In addition, acrylic doesn’t discolour with the proper care and maintenance, thus making them looking newer for longer. And unlike metal nail polish racks, acrylic racks don’t rust.

However, to fully enjoy these features, you need to make sure that the acrylic used by the acrylic fabrication shop is of excellent quality. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a rack that is weak, warped and unsightly within a few months of use.

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