Acrylic Sheets – Different Types to choose from

Acrylic sheets are extremely popular throughout the world of plastics for their brilliance, shine, remarkable scratch resistance, impact resistance and durability. Acrylic sheets exhibit greater load bearing capacity than polycarbonate which is considered as one of the toughest materials. There are different types of acrylic sheets available which can help in creating customised designs based on your business need.

The most common form of Acrylic sheets are the clear sheets which have staggering variety of dimensions to address all needs. The white acrylic sheets are perfect for unusual dimensions and light sensitive applications such as outdoor signage and advertisements. The rainbow of options available with coloured acrylic sheets offer both aesthetics and durability.

The mirrored acrylic sheets offer the best of both worlds since they have the strength and durability along with a resistant reflective surface perfect for all sorts of service and high stress environments. One can cut their energy costs and manage temperature within their facility with solar tinted acrylic sheets

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