Acrylic Splashbacks Are Durable

Acrylic splashbacks are also very durable. If the splashback is made from high quality acrylic, it can withstand a significant amount of impact and will remain solid and intact unlike glass splashbacks. In fact, some have shown that acrylic can be ten times stronger than glass – some even claim the number to be as high as twenty-five times. This is significant especially when you consider than acrylic is a lightweight material, often only half the weight of glass.
Aside from the reduced chances of breaking, some acrylic splashbacks can be coated to prevent scratches, thereby ensuring that it will not only break but will be able to maintain its look and appeal.
One of the common problems that many people have with acrylic and other plastic products is the yellowing which happens when the acrylic is exposed. Although this is true, this does not happen in the case of a high quality acrylic splashback. This is why it is important to choose only high quality acrylic for your splashbacks. If you’re having trouble finding high quality acrylic material, talking to knowledgeable plastic fabricators in Sydney can help.

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