Acrylic Splashbacks Are Low Maintenance

Another great feature of acrylic splashbacks is that they are easy to clean and maintain compared to most other materials used for the same purposes. This is especially true when it is compared to tile splashbacks.
One of the common problems with tile splashbacks is that they are prone to developing mold and mildew, especially on the grout. To clean this would require hard brushing, which often leads to erosion of the grout and scratches on the tiles. In addition, tile splashbacks will require regular cleaning in order to prevent mold and mildew from growing back. This shouldn’t be a problem with acrylic splashbacks.
Acrylic splashbacks are pretty easy to clean. When they get splashed on with water, sauce or oil, you can simply wipe them away with a clean rag and some liquid detergent since the smooth surface of the acrylic splashbacks makes it resistant to most liquids. To keep your acrylic splashback looking great and to avoid scratches never use a scrubbing or a scouring pad when cleaning acrylic splashbacks.

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