Are You Looking for the Best Acrylic Laser Cutting Services in Sydney?

Companies providing fabrication services will usually work with metals (such as stainless steel) or plastic. Metals typically have higher melting points than plastics. Thus, they will be more resistant to heat. Similarly, their properties make metals ideal for use in places experiencing extremely hot and cold temperatures too. In terms of tensile strength, metals are much better than plastic. In addition, metals are usually more durable than plastic, besides being easy to clean too.


However, certain shortcomings serve to offset many of these benefits. For instance, metal fabricators find it tougher to machine or fabricate metals. In addition, metals have a higher likelihood of requiring post-fabrication finishing. Because metals are not easy to work with, custom applications will invariably be relatively expensive. More importantly, they will feature long production times as well. In situations like these, plastic often becomes the material of choice.


When it comes to acrylic fabrication, FX Plastics Pty Ltd is the name to rely on. For more than 45 years, we have been providing superlative fabrication services to clients all over the country. Over these years, we have developed a large number of fabrication procedures for one-off items as well as high volume production runs. This has given us the ability to offer cost-effective services, without compromising on the quality of the components we produce.


High levels of accuracy and precision are essential in plastic fabrication. Without this, no fabrication company will be able to survive in the industry. Clients need components and products at exacting standards of precision. Clearly, relying on human traits alone will not yield the desired levels of accuracy. This is why we have invested a considerable amount of money towards installing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment at our facility in Marrickville, Sydney. These machines comprise:


  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser cutting machines that can cut sheets with a thickness of up to 25 mm
  • CNC router machines equipped with tool changing facilities to produce intricate and complex patterns
  • Diamond polishing machines that can produce an impeccable finish of surface clarity and,
  • CNC saw cutting machines that facilitate high volume cutting with extremely high levels of accuracy


These highly technical CNC laser cutting machines and diamond polishers enable us to provide high-quality components and prototypes that meet the rigorous demands of our clients.


It is worth highlighting that our staff have a collective experience of around 135 years in the acrylic fabrication sector. Cutting-edge technology, when used by experienced professionals, can yield premium quality components and products. Many companies need to outsource their fabrication requirements. Unlike these establishments, we have trained personnel and the latest equipment to meet any requirements that you might have. In addition, our facility has a diverse variety of acrylic sheets, rods and tubes as well. So, we will easily be able to give you quality products within the timelines specified. For more details, call us at +61 – 2 9550 5844.


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