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5 Key CNC Routing and Machining Services You Should Take Advantage of

CNC technology has made a lot of positive impact in the industrial design and fabrication market. Companies can now get all kinds of physical fabrications done on a variety of materials including plastics. While CNC laser cutting is a popular technology, there are other uses for CNC routing and machining you should also know of.

Popular CNC Routing and Machining Processes

CNC Milling

All kinds of milling tasks can be performed with the right calibration of CAD software. Milling processes can allow for performing any number of mechanical tasks without any need for human oversight. So, for industrial organisations, CNC milling is a great asset.

CNC Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting is one of the key areas where this technology is applied. The most popular use for it is in design and fabrication. However, other processes such as refining edges on finished fabrications may also be completed through it. Plastic fabrications are very commonly polished through this method.


CNC technology can also be used for many kinds of welding requirements. The essential idea of the process is the same and machines will be calibrated according to requirements. Plastic fabrication is a commonly applied use for this technology.

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CNC technologies are used to validate Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) models and implement their designing process. In a similar way, the technology can also be configured to process multiple materials with different requirements without needing reloading. This greatly enhances the performance quality of the machines and allows for more rapid design and fabrication.

Surface Finishing

Automated diamond polishers are sometimes applied using CNC technology. This allows the diamond polishing to be performed without human oversight. Now, with surfaces, the material used in the fabrication matters a lot and the diamond polisher must be placed accordingly. Plastics are the most popular materials to be polished by diamond polishers.

Where Can You Get the Best CNC Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) Services?

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5 Important Facts about CNC Laser Cutting You Must Know

CNC laser cutting is a great tool for optimizing industrial processes which can help achieve better productivity as well as quality of production. There are some important factors about CNC laser cutting that are important to know before you explore what this technology has to offer. Let’s take a look at some key facts about this technology.


5 Key Facts of CNC Laser Cutting


  1. CNC Stands for Computerized Numerical Control

CNC is a technology that allows companies to measure their laser cutting requirements very accurately. The technology itself is a subset of Computer aided drawing (CAD) and allows for a greater control over all industry design and fabrication tools including lasers.


  1. CNC Laser Cutting is Highly Efficient

 CNC laser cutting is a precision tool which allows for greatly optimized designs and fabrication at an industrial level. The greatest benefit of this technology lies in the curtailment of fabrication waste.


  1. CNC Cutting Can Be Used On All Machine Tools

Laser cutting is not the only place where this technology can be used. Any mechanical and industrial process which includes the use of Computer aided drawing (CAD) can be calibrated to include CNC laser cutting technology. This will allow the system to perform better and produce more finely fabricated products.


  1. CNC Laser Cutting Can be Customized

CAD has plenty of benefits and when it is combined with CNC routing and machining. It allows for very versatile fabrication options and is used in creative industrial fabrication techniques. There are certain limitations according to what kind of laser and the type of material but most 3D shapes can be reproduced faithfully.


  1. CNC Laser Cutting is Energy Efficient

Aside from the reduction in processing waste, CNC laser cutting also reduces energy wastage. This is implemented by using responsive industrial tools and technologies which stem the mechanism at the appropriate time. Naturally, this benefits the company very well and is also likely to enhance the lifespan of all involved tools.

FX Plastics: The Leading Provider of CNC Laser Cutting Services in Australia


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Plastic Fabricators Sydney: Things to Know About Acrylic Sheets Cutting

Acrylic sheets are a great option for businesses that want to save on fabrication costs. They provide some amazing benefits other than reduced cost – including durability, design options and in some cases, recycling which make them very viable options.  

If you are considering getting acrylic sheet plastic designs, then here are some important facts that you should know about the cutting process from some of the most experienced plastic fabricators in Sydney. These will help you understand how to get the best value for money from your acrylic sheets.

Important Facts to Know About Acrylic Sheets Cutting

1.Cutting Methods

Broadly speaking, there are two methods of cutting up acrylic sheets at the industrial level. The first one involves sawing or routing using electrically powered tools. Alternatively, scribing or breaking can be used. These methods are used by different processes for acrylic sheets fabrication.

2. Thickness Matters when Scribing

Scribing as a method for acrylic sheet cutting is only good for sheets that have a thickness no more than 0.236 inches. This method does not involve the use of any electrical tools and so, it can be done by craftsmen or even hobbyists. Of course, the person doing the cutting will need an assortment of tools for the purpose.

3. Sawing and Routing are Optimal

Sawing and routing are the best methods for acrylic sheets fabrication. They are used in industrial processes with routing with CNC machines being the preferred choice for professional plastic fabricators in Sydney. CNC routing is popular because it is efficient and allows for multiple types of acrylic fabrications.

4. Multiple Saws Are Required

Acrylic sheets require multiple types of saws to work properly. There are circular saws, band saws, scroll saws, veneer saws, hole-saws and so on. Each of these saws has their own specific functioning. All of them produce a certain effect on the acrylic sheets and should be used with full understanding of their purpose.

5. Routing is Shaping

Routing provides shapes to acrylic sheets and allows fabricators to turn them in the right directions. This helps to produce the desired effect that clients want without reducing the visual quality of the product itself.

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Design and Fabrication: 5 Facts to Know About Diamond Polishing

Diamond polishing is the industrial process of refining the edge on processed materials. With acrylic designs and fabrications, this is even more important as it keeps the fabrication pristine. Not implementing the diamond polishing post fabrication can lead to grazing later.

Now, if you are not from the industrial plastic manufacturing and design industry, then you might not know some key facts on diamond polisher services. Here are some important ones you should know about.


5 Important Facts Diamond Polishing of Plastic Design and Fabrications

1.Types Of Diamond Polishing

There are basically two ways by which diamond polishing can be done. The first method involves moving a diamond head across the surface of the fabricated plastic which is kept stationary. The second method is involves keeping a stationary diamond head and moving the fabricated plastic over it.

2. Techniques

As mentioned above, the first type is meant to be used for industrial processing where uniformly crafted pieces of acrylic are run through a diamond polisher. The second type is meant for more customized fabrications which cannot be polished through the mechanized process.

3. Finishes

Diamond polishing can be done for basically two kinds of effects. These effects are purely cosmetic but do add significant value to the finished product. Clients can choose between matte and gloss finishes and there are separate processing times for each type.

4. Output

There are some alternatives to diamond polisher services such as hand sanding, sanding, flame polishing etc. However, none of these provide the quality output that can be seen after a diamond polishing. Also, custom designs are better suited for hand-based diamond polishing because they cannot be easily fitted into pre-set machines. These machines can only fit a certain type or size of fabricated plastic.

5. Cost

Diamond polisher services can be a costly depending on the quantity and quality of material being polished. The polishing finish is also affected by the cleanness of the fabrication process itself. Mechanised polishing can cost lesser with more volume or when the polishing surface is easily fitted into machines. Custom designs that need hand polishing can cost more.

FX Plastics: The Leading Diamond Polisher in Sydney!

FX Plastics is the most trusted specialist of high-quality diamond polishing services in the market. We have the latest technology and can deliver unmatched diamond polishing services for your design and fabrication needs. Visit FX Plastics or contact us now!

5 Key Steps for Fabrication of Acrylic Sheets for Plastic Displays

Acrylic sheets are a great option for businesses which are looking for innovative and customised products like plastic displays. There are numerous benefits of using acrylic sheets and a lot of businesses utilize them to achieve their goals at an affordable price. However, not many people outside the fabrication industry know about the actual process. The following list will tell you the 5 essential steps for creating plastic displays from acrylic sheets.


5 Steps for Making Acrylic Sheets-based Plastic Displays

 1. Cutting the Sheets

Acrylic sheets usually come in large sizes. In their original form, they cannot be processed into effective products for businesses. So, they need to be cut down and the fabricator can create plastic displays from them. Now, there are several tools in the market for industrial grade cutting of acrylic sheets.  The most common among these are CNC machines. These tools bend the sheets from the top and add grooves to the sides for better processing later.


 The kind of bending needed on an acrylic sheet depends on the type plastic display it is supposed to become. The fabricator will make the sheet bend at the right places using heat strips. These strips are placed a few inches from the sheet itself. Eventually, the sheets will soften to allow bending. Specifically, the heat strips target the thinner grooved area. These areas are then modified into the shape or design you want.

3. Gluing

Gluing is the process of joining something with the bent acrylic to give it support to stand. This is the form in which it will be installed at your business or in your home. The glue used depends on the strength and overall weight of the acrylic sheet itself. Depending on the type of sheeting and plastic display, clamps and weights may be used to dry the glue.

4.  Finishing

The finishing refers to cleaning out the acrylic sheet such that it resembles the finished product ordered by the client. This is done by paying each piece due attention and ensuring they are cleared of any excess residue or debris.

5. Polish

This is the final part of the fabrication process and involves using hot flames. The fabricator might also use acrylic scratch removers to provide a clean look to the plastic display. Once this process is completed, the display is given to the client.


Where Can You Get the Best Acrylic Sheet Plastic Displays?

FX Plastics is an industrial-grade manufacturer of acrylic sheet based plastic displays. We offer the best quality and most economical solutions to clients. For more information, FX Plastics now!


3 Qualities That Make For Reliable Plastic Fabricators In Sydney

Plastic fabrication is a great alternative to traditional manufacturing processes. But choosing the right plastic fabricators in Sydney for the job makes all the difference. Only if you select the right company for the job can you expect to get the full benefits of getting the fabrication.

If you are new to the market, then you might not know exactly how to choose the right plastic fabricators in Sydney. So, here are a few helpful tips for you to make the right choice and get the best value for your money.  

Choosing the Best Plastic Fabricators in Sydney

1. Experience

When it comes to plastic fabrication, the company experience matters the most. This is because they need to cut the right dimensions in order to meet your requirements. They must also be aware of the best materials to design and fabricate the parts with. They can also advise you on the additional coatings parts can be given for enhanced life.

2. Specialisation

Some plastic fabricators in Sydney will specialize in specific niches or with particular materials. This is a very handy way of getting quality fabrications for your business. Niche specializations mean they will also be able to consult on the specific design of your product and provide insights.

Further, this can help you gain more value from your plastic fabricated signage while also understanding the best way to preserve its fresh fabricated quality.

3. Pricing

One of the biggest reasons why businesses choose trusted  plastic fabricators in Sydney is that they want an economical option.  However, pricing should not be a reason to sacrifice on quality. Provided you have a reasonable budget, you are going to be able to find a reliable plastic fabricator who can balance between price and quality efficiently.

However, it is also best that you shop around a bit and get an idea of the market. This is particularly true if you want to buy signage in bulk. Getting a good idea of the market can help you make the best choice for your specific needs.

Where to get the best plastic fabricators in Sydney?

Looking for reliable plastic fabricators in Sydney? We have the perfect answer for you! FX Plastics provide high-grade plastic fabrication services to all manner of wholesale and retail niches.

If you want to get the right parts for your needs at the right price, FX Plastic is the place for you. Get in touch now!

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Plastic Display With Plastic Fabrication

Plastic displays are efficient and economical solutions for your business’ signage needs. But choosing the right kind and a reliable plastic fabrication company is very important.

Otherwise, you can spend your money on a plastic display which wears out with only a few months of use. Below, we are going to mention some of the key factors to consider when picking a plastic display and why you should consider them.

What Factors Determine the Best Choice for Plastic Displays?

1. Location

The first and foremost consideration that you should make when buying plastic displays is their location. Where you are going to place the display is of immense importance. Mediocre quality displays of certain materials tend to go yellowish after some time when exposed to direct sunlight.

So, if your display is going to be outdoors, it is better to choose a UV-resistant material for it. However, for indoor displays choosing non-UV resist varieties can also do.

2. Size and Shape

One of the best things about plastic displays is that they can be fabricated to fit any kind of size, shape, and design. This affords unique marketing and branding opportunities to business which you should not miss out on.

So, when you are considering the type of plastic display you want, factor in the size and shape which suits you the best. You should also look into the most popular types of displays being used in your niche and by any rivals. This will help you derive the maximum value from your investment.

3. Price

The above two considerations will determine the actual price for the plastic display that you want to get. Ideally, you should look at multiple vendors that can provide for your specific needs. This will give you some idea of a median value for your display.

Contrast that with the estimated time you can use the plastic display and the quality of branding it can offer your business. Also, consider if you need the displays in bulk. Some fabrication companies might be willing to lower the price.

Where Can You Get Quality Plastic Displays?

Looking for high-quality plastic displays for your retail business? Look no further than FX Plastics. We can offer you the very best plastic displays and signage that are available in the market, and at the most reasonable rates.

 Contact us today, and let us help you design and fabricate the right plastic displays for your needs.

Other Articles

Why Do You Need CNC Routing and Machining Services for Your Business?

Every industrial manufacturing unit owner knows that CNC routing and machining is essential for their business. The simple fact of the matter is that without this essential equipment, your manufacturing operation will be unproductive. It is simply better to let routing manage the flow of the production with technicians or workers at critical points. If you want great quality and consistently designed products at an affordable price, then here are some reasons to get CNC routing and machining services.


Top Benefits from CNC Routing and Machining

1.Optimized Manufacturing Paths

Manufacturing processes require that the factory floor should be well coordinated. For industrial concerns of any degree, this is critical to have. Using CNC routing and machining helps create an optimized manufacturing path which increases overall output. This is essential for having a manufacturing unit of any calibre.

2.Proper Processing

CNC routing and machining allows manufacturer to produce without needing regular human intervention. The processing pathway also makes sure that the machines used in the process are used in the right way. With human agents doing that, there will always be variance in quality. So, it is better for overall quality and consistency to employ routing technologies.

3. Increased Productivity

Since CNC routing and machining does not require much human interaction, they can work by themselves for long hours. So, in effect, a manufacturing unit can function round the clock as well. Obviously, there will be a degree of human presence required by necessity and by law. But the right routing and machining infrastructure will optimize the productivity for any industrial unit.

4.Minimum Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary with all kinds of equipment and CNC routing and machining are no exception. But the good thing about advances in this industrial technology is that the need for maintenance is systematically decreased. So, machines work for longer while requiring lesser human intervention. Further, this also cuts down on workflow redundancies as well as the cost of maintenance.


Where Can You Get the Best CNC Routing and Machining Equipment and Services?

FX Plastics is a highly reputable CNC routing and machining services provider. We offer high-quality services to all kinds of manufacturing concerns and can help you get started on the perfect note. Whether you want to rent CNC routing and machining services or buy them outright, we can provide you with the right resource. Get in touch today!


4 Secrets to Choosing the Right Design and Fabrication Company

Design and fabrication services vary by a lot depending upon the product. Most design and fabrication companies in Australia have a limited number of specializations. But there are some that can offer these services for multiple industries. Choosing the right design and fabrication specialist depends on a number of factors. If you are in the market for these services, keep these in mind these key secrets to get the best services for your needs.


Biggest Considerations for Design and Fabrication Services


This is the first thing to consider as you want people experienced in your needed type of design and fabrication. Though you can go for manufacturers who do not usually offer services from that particular line, there is no surety of satisfaction. It is better to simply choose professionals who specialize in that area. This will save you time and money and give you a brilliantly designed product.


The specifics of the product you are seeking design and fabrication for will be important. As professionals, they will be able to tell you the best material for your product. They will also be able to inform you about critical maintenance processes for your product. They will also inform you on the proper cost of manufacturing as per the specifics of product, size, and requirement.

3.Manufacturing Process

Design and fabrication services work according to the manufacturing process used. The quality of the product will depend heavily on the CNC machines used. Further, finishing and overall appearance will also be determined by the manufacturing process. So, you need to find out the exact details of how the fabrication is done before committing to a service.

4.Delivery Logistics

Finding the best design and Fabrication Company for your needs is not enough. You also need to make sure the product is delivered on time and in proper condition. This is important to ensure before making any payments. Otherwise, you will most likely have to spend more money getting the product than having it manufactured.


Where Can You Get the Best Design and Fabrication Services in Australia?

Get high-quality design and fabrication services from FX Plastics at very reasonable rates. We specialize in multiple domains of design and fabrication and can give you the very best the market has to offer. Whether you are looking for a one-time product or a consistent service, we can help you with them all. Contact us now!


5 Unique Benefits of CNC Saw Cutting

CNC saw cutting is a popular method of processing a number of materials in highly accurate measurements. This has made CNC saw cutting and other manufacturing techniques the first choice in industrial settings. If you are wondering about the benefits you can get from CNC saw cutting, then here is a list of the biggest ones.

The Best Advantages from CNC Saw Cutting

  1. Optimizes Production Flow

CNC saw cutting is well-known for being highly efficient in processing materials especially plastics. Most commercial grade manufacturing businesses employ CNC saw cutting machines. These machines can work tirelessly provided there is consistent power supply. So, it is a wise choice to get your products manufactured using CNC cutting techniques if precision is your priority.

  1. Affords Accurate Finishing

CNC saw cutting is a far superior to any traditional method of commercial production. It enables the production of precisely measured commodities. This minimizes waste and optimizes the efficiency of the production line. Of course, there are varying degrees to which CNC saw cutting may be deployed based on specifics like the volume of production and factory size.

  1. Can Be Upgraded with Latest Programs

The quality of CNC saw cutting depends a lot on the programs being used. As such, there is a fair degree of advancement possible without changing the machinery itself. The industrial manufacturing tech industry is always rolling out updates to further optimize and improve cutting precision on the machines.

  1. Maintenance in Minimal but Necessary

The latest CNC saw cutting technology requires much lesser maintenance than you’d expect. It is, however, necessary and may even require professional expertise. However, for the most part, maintenance costs and frequency of servicing required is reduced by each successive model.

  1. Works Beyond Standard Operating Time

CNC saw cutting allows manufacturing to go on virtually round the clock and across the week. While there may be some human oversight required to ensure nothing goes awry, mostly there is no need for it. Still, most professional CNC saw cutting manufacturing businesses retain shifts by technicians to minimize factory line redundancies.

Where Can You Get High-Quality CNC Saw Cutting Services?

Whether you need CNC saw cutting for a personal project or are looking to outsource your manufacturing, FX Plastics can help you find the best solution. Browse our extensive list of services to find the one that is right for you and let our consultants narrow it down to the perfect match. Contact us now!