What Is Acrylic Fabrication?

To brief, acrylic fabrication is the process of transforming a piece of acrylic sheet into a different form of item like a coffee table or letterings for a signage. To achieve this will require specialised tools and equipment. For example, the letterings mentioned will need to be cut with precision (especially if they involve intricate designs) and this is possible only with the use of CNC laser cutting. More often than not, an acrylic fabrication company’s capabilities will be limited by the equipment they have. In addition, a wide range of items can be made using acrylic. These are some of the reasons why some company’s focus on producing only one particular item. For instance, there are companies who manufacture only plastic display cases, and there are other who specialize in crafting miniatures out of acrylic. Thus, smaller acrylic fabrication companies will be mostly focused on the manufacture of small and medium sized items, while bigger companies with more sophisticated equipment takes care of the bigger items.
There are different methods and processes involved in acrylic fabrication (most of which will be discussed in detail in the following sections). Plastic can be designed, molded and shaped into a different items by using services like the reliable acrylic laser cutting Sydney can offer. Other services like polishing and laminating helps to give plastic items a wonderful sheen and shine that makes it look just as attractive as glass with either a matte or glossy finish. With the different technology and methods available today, the number of possible items that can be fashioned using acrylic fabrication are becoming limitless. It is one industry that will certainly be needed well into the future.

Understanding the Basics of Acrylic Fabrication and What It Can Do for You

Plastic and acrylic fabrication has helped change the world in so many ways. Spare a moment to take a look around you and you’ll see just how much plastic has become a part of your life – the plastic display case where you show off your kid’s trophies and awards, the coffee maker where you just got your coffee, even the computer keyboard you’re typing on – you’ll see that majority of the items you have at home or at the office are made of this material. In a more general sense, acrylic fabrication has contributed much to the growth and development of many technologies and industries (e.g. aeronautics, transportation, manufacturing, etc.).

Mirrored Sculptures

Colour Restraint Brendan Van Hek

This job was for artist Brendan Van Hek and is currently on display in Campbelltown Art Centre Exhibition | 21 March – 24 May 2015. FX worked together with Brendan to best construct and assemble 3 giant mirrored sculptures

A new commissioned is currently on show alongside existing works by Perth artists Brendan Van Hek & Rebecca Baumann. The new commission project has been developed through a consideration of dreams, surrealist agendas, wishes and desires, ideals and illusions.

Both artists share an interest in looking at aspects of psychological states; Rebecca Baumann through investigating forms of celebration, ideas of happiness, and the adverse sentiments attached to violence and destruction; Brendan van Hek in an exploration of fiction and masculinity.

Trolley Table

The customer had bought in an old wooden table that they wanted re-interpreted in a modern style and form. Together we designed the best method and produced a beautiful version of an old classic. The customer is more than happy with final result and is now enjoying the table at home.

3M Tape Stands

In a highly competitive market, point-of-purchase displays are key to product sales success. When our client, a distributor of specialised industrial products came to use with their needs for a display to showcase 3M™ reflective vehicle safety tape and we sat down together and drew up a basic outline where to start.

Using our extensive knowledge of P-O-P displays and expert capabilities that cover every aspect of the process from design, prototype, through to fabrication, FX Plastics developed a product that met the needs of our client and would appeal to the target audience. Combining the best of design and use of materials, the display hit the mark by drawing attention to the safety tape at the point of sale and driving up demand across the entire sales distribution network.

The client ordered a large number of units for national distribution and received very positive feedback from customers’ satisfaction.