Point of Sale Plastic Display Cases and Marketing

Point of sale marketing is considered as a specialised form of marketing and promotion. Although they can be made using different materials, they are commonly manufactured using acrylic or plastic. These display cases are actually one of the many projects that plastic fabricators in Sydney engage in.

These plastic display cases are often placed in point of sale areas such on the counter or next to it. They are situated in such places so that they may draw the customer’s attention whenever they are paying, and thus entice them to make last minute purchases. Although plastic display cases are the more popular versions, there are also other types of point of sale displays available like shelf edgings, dummy packs, display packs, stands, as well as posters and banners.

When it comes to the items put on display in these cases, the focus would usually be on certain items which will make people consider adding them to their purchases. These will be low-ticket items, and something that consumers will not usually think twice about buying. For instance, a cosmetics counter will usually have small packets of powder or lip gloss in their point of sale plastic display case to entice women who either have no plans of buying one or suddenly realises that she is in need of one. Sometimes, these items will be of a generic brand, since brand conscious customers will not look for their favourite names on the counter, but instead head for the shelf or the aisle where they usually find these branded items.
Of course, different stores and shops of different industries will have different types of customer base, but this usually doesn’t matter since a point of sale plastic display case and their accompanying marketing strategy will cater to all types of individuals no matter which shop they visit.

A man who visits a shop to buy some deodorant will be likely to buy a shaver from the point of sale display case. In line with that, that same man will be likely to buy some snacks from the gas station’s point of sale display case while filling his car up with gas.
Suffice to say that these plastic display cases, and this marketing strategy in particular, is especially effective on people who are not brand conscious and are satisfied with generic items. They are also effective for budget-minded shoppers, since many of the items that are displayed in such cases will be cheaper. Furthermore, those who are looking to try new products will usually find these in point of sale display cases in the counter.

Boost Your Sales with Point of Sales Plastic Display Cases

At least once a week (or sometimes more) you find yourself heading to the grocery store for your weekly rations. You go through the aisles and plastic display cases with a well-outlined list in your hand, carefully planned so you don’t buy things you don’t need and spend more than what you intend. However, it sometimes happens that when you get home, you realise that you have more items in your grocery bag than what was listed – yet again.
Impulse buying refers to the unplanned purchases that people make when at a store or shop – a purchase often driven by their emotions. There are different factors that cause this behaviour, like a sudden craving for chocolates in the display stands or the enticing design, logo or catch phrase splattered on an enticingly beautifully crafted display case courtesy of plastic fabricators in Sydney. Anyway, it happens to millions of people around the world, and is rather normal. In fact, more than 65% of buying decisions that people make are made at the store itself, with 50% of these considered as impulse buying.
If you run a store, you can significantly increase your profits by taking advantage of this behaviour. There are many different ways to do so, and using point of sales plastic display cases is considered to be one of the most effective means. This sales strategy is actually being utlised and is part of many large businesses’ marketing and promotional mix.

Are you looking for cast acrylic for your plastic display or other needs?

In many cases, cast acrylic does seem to be the better type of acrylic, and the many benefits mentioned above shows it to be so. Its wide application and the variety of environment where it can be use renders it to be a much more desirable acrylic. Of course, extruded acrylic does have its own benefits, especially for those working with limited budgets. However, if you do have the money to spare, or have really strict requirements with regards to your acrylic needs, then cast acrylic would make a much better option, especially with the number of companies that offer Perspex cutting in Sydney.

If you are in need of cutting or fabrication services for your cast acrylic projects (or any project related to acrylic design and fabrication for that matter), please feel free to phone our office at +61 2 9550 5844 or you can contact us via email or by leaving a message on our contact page. With our state of the art equipment and the highly trained personnel in our ranks, and are confident that we can provide for your different acrylic cutting and fabrication needs.

What are the disadvantages of using cast acrylic?

Despite the many advantages of cast acrylic over extruded acrylic, it does have its own disadvantages. Many plastic fabricators in Sydney are well aware of these setbacks when working with cast acrylic, and some of the most common ones are outlined below.
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of cast acrylic is that it is much more expensive than its extruded counterpart, and more often than not, this price difference is what makes clients (especially those working with limited budgets) go for extruded acrylics instead. However, when you consider the different advantages of cast acrylic over extruded acrylic – from the quality of the acrylic, to its being scratch resistant and the excellent optical qualities – all these excellent properties makes the price of cast acrylic well justified.
Of course, cast acrylic also tends to suffer some of the issues that affect all types of acrylic over time. This includes yellowing, and even small cracks and weakening of the acrylic itself. However, many of these issues do not readily manifest themselves, and will take years, even decades, before any of these can be noticeable.

What are the advantages of cast acrylic?

Many plastic fabricators in Sydney are of the opinion that cast acrylic is a more superior material than extruded acrylic, and for good reasons, too.

Superior surface finish. Cast acrylic indeed has better and smoother surface finish when compared to extruded acrylic, all owing to the production process employed in the manufacture of cast acrylic. Despite this, there may still be some need to further polish or buff cast acrylic with the aid of a diamond polisher, although there may be times when such process may no longer be necessary depending on certain circumstances.

A wider selection of colours. Cast acrylic can be manufactured in a wider range of colours compared with extruded acrylics, with the latter providing limited options for consumers. This is achieved by incorporating master batch pigments to clear acrylic in order to attain the desired colour. Some acrylic manufacturing companies also accept requests for special colours. Thus, if you are looking to use acrylic with particular colours for your plastic display and other needs, then cast acrylic is the better choice.
There are many other advantages of cast acrylic when compared to extruded acrylic that companies offering acrylic laser cutting in Sydney like, most of which are outlined below:

•Better thermal stability
•Higher resistance to crazing when networks of small cracks form
•Wider thermoforming range than extruded acrylic
•More malleable/pliable than extruded acrylic
•Better optical qualities
•More scratch resistant compared to extruded acrylic
•Better chemical resistance (to the same chemicals that affect extruded acrylic)
•Retains its desired shape in the long term
•Doesn’t sag or crack
•Good machining properties, perfect for CNC routing and machining

What is cast acrylic used for?

Because of its excellent acrylic properties, cast acrylic has been widely used in many different applications and environment. Because cast acrylic is easily workable, it can be manufactured plastic fabricators in Sydney to suit a variety of designs. Some of the most common applications where one will find the use of cast acrylic are in the following:

Architecture. The many benefits of cast acrylic (i.e. variety of colours, ease of fabrication, etc.) makes it a favorite construction material for many architects, engineers, and homebuilders worldwide. Some of the most common uses of acrylic in architecture includes doors, windows, canopies, balustrades, balcony guards, patio roofing and many more. In commercial structures, cast acrylic can be used for protective glasses, sounds barriers, flooring and several others.

Furniture Making. With regards to aesthetics, form, and function, acrylic is a very suitable candidate for material to be used. It is usually used in the manufacture of different types of furniture including lounge chairs, coffee tables, cupboards and shelving, cabinet doors, and many others. With it malleable or pliable property, cast acrylic can be fabricated according to a variety of designs made with computer aided drawing (CAD) or any other designing software.
Hospitals and Medical Laboratories. Cast acrylic has certain properties which makes it ideal for many hospital and laboratory settings. Many items found in such places are usually made of cast acrylic. These includes baby incubators and as walls or dividers in laboratory or certain rooms. For instance, a biological research station makes use of cast acrylic in the construction of rooms where they keep insects or animals for study. In the field botany and plant pathology, many greenhouses, especially the larger and well-funded ones, are commonly made from cast acrylic.

Automotive and Transportation. Because of its relative strength and optical clarity, cast acrylic has been used as components of cars, boats, airplanes, and many other types of vehicles. In this sense, cast acrylic is a great material to use for motorcycle and car windshields, caravan windows, gliders, car wind deflectors, truck visors and are even used in submarine periscopes.
Washrooms and Bathrooms. Cast acrylic is usually a much better choice in bathrooms and washrooms because of safety rather than design. For instance, cast acrylic is much tougher than glass, and are thus suitable as shower enclosures or cubicles. In the unfortunate case that someone slips and hits the acrylic enclosure, there is lesser chances of it breaking and causing an accident. Cast acrylic is also becoming a popular material used in the making of bathtubs and shower tray mouldings. With regards to tubs, manufacturers say that they prefer to use cast acrylic over metal tubs because tubs made from cast acrylic are much more comfortable and feels warmer.

Because of the many advantageous properties of cast acrylic, they are the more preferred acrylic material for the above purposes. But what properties are these that make cast acrylic so popular in the above mentioned environments and purposes.

How is cast acrylic made?

As mentioned, the main difference between extruded acrylic and cast acrylic is basically the production methods employed in their manufacture. With regards to extruded acrylic, a discussion of how it is manufactured is outlined in an earlier article, and therefore does not bear repeating here. In the case of cast acrylic, the manufacturing process involves pumping methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) into a mould made of glass. The mould together with the MMA is then submerged in warm water, therefore allowing the process of polymerization to take place. This process gives cast acrylic certain properties which are not present in extruded acrylic.

Cast Acrylic: Another Type of Acrylic Used by Plastic Fabricators in Sydney

As mentioned in an earlier post, there are two types of acrylic that plastic fabricators in Sydney usually work with – extruded acrylic and cast acrylic. Whereas the previous post discusses what extruded acrylic is, its advantages and many other factors with regards to it, this second article will be devoted to the second type of acrylic mentioned – cast acrylic.

What is cast acrylic?

Cast acrylic is known to have greater variance with regards to thickness tolerance, which can be as high as +/- 30%. Because of the manufacturing process, cast acrylic tends to come out with a smoother surface. In many cases, cast acrylic is easier to work with than extruded acrylic. The cutting of cast acrylic, with the aid of a state of the art CNC laser cutting machine or CNC saw cutting machines for instance, results in much cleaner and highly polished edges. This then reduces the need for further polishing and finishing in the fabrication process.

When it comes to the chemical properties, extruded acrylic and cast acrylic are pretty much the same. Thus, the main difference between these two types of acrylics lie in their production process.

Want to Learn More about Extruded Acrylic and How You Can Use It for Your Business?

There are certainly many more interesting things worth knowing extruded acrylic, or acrylic in general for that matter, and to pen them down here would need more than one page to accomplish. Thus, if you would like to know more about this particular type of acrylic, you can always go online and do your research, or you can talk to acrylic experts or plastic fabricators in

Sydney who would be more than happy to clarify your questions.Extruded acrylic is one of the most common type of acrylic that we work with here in FX Plastics. Over the years, we have had clients who came to us for their acrylic design and fabrication needs like CNC saw cutting, diamond polisher and others, and more often than not, they choose to use this particular type of acrylic for their projects. Some of those projects include signage, display cases, point of purchase displays and many others.

If you need to have similar items fabricated, or have other acrylic related needs like Perspex cutting in Sydney, please feel free to call our office at +61 2 9550 5844 or you can contact us via email or by leaving a message on our contact page. We have state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel and are more than capable of delivering high quality acrylic products to fit your requirements.

What Are Its Benefits?

Extruded acrylic bears many of the same advantages of acrylic over other materials used in similar applications. For instance, it is lighter than glass, making the finished product much easier to move around and transfer. It is also resilient and has higher impact rate than glass. A baseball thrown at a glass window pane for instance will break the glass and pass through, whereas with an extruded acrylic, there is a higher chance of the pane holding and forcing the baseball to bounce away. But aside from these though, there are some characteristics of extruded acrylic which makes them standout than other plastics.
One of the many advantages of extruded acrylic over its counterparts is with regards to its uniformity in thickness. Unlike others, there is little to no variation in the thickness of an extruded acrylic sheet. This is an important factor since variations in thickness can (to some degree) affect the optical clarity of the acrylic sheet. For instance, variations in thickness can distort or affect how the item behind the acrylic is perceived, and with extruded acrylic, this isn’t an issue. In addition, the lack of variations also makes extruded acrylic suitable in situations that require vacuum forming processes and where precise details for more complex shapes and designs are of paramount importance.
Extruded acrylic also costs less than other acrylics – namely cast acrylic. When you buy acrylic sheets for your projects, especially online, it usually is not mentioned whether it is extruded or cast, and one of the ways to determine if it is one or the other is by looking at the price. Extruded acrylic, mainly because of the manufacturing processes, are cheaper than cast acrylic. However, please avoid making a final decision based on this alone as there are unscrupulous individuals who are trying to scam other people. To be really sure, buy only from reputable manufacturers or retailers, or consult an acrylic expert if you happen to know one. You should also do the same when having your purchased acrylic fabricated – that is talking to a professional source when looking for an expert in CNC laser cutting or CNC routing and machining.