How Is Extruded Acrylic Made?

Each type of acrylic is manufactured using different processes, and with the case of extruded acrylic, the manufacturing process involved is extrusion. With this particular process, manufacturers make use of extrusion grade polymers, which is different from the kind of polymer used in making cast acrylic. One difference between these two kinds of polymers is their molecular weight, where the former (extrusion grade polymer) has lower molecular weight than the latter (cast grade polymer).
The extrusion process starts by feeding the extrusion grade polymers or resin pellets into an extruder. This equipment then heats the resin pellets until they melt and become molten mass. The molten mass is then forced out of the extruder’s barrel and into steel dies where are flattened to form large extruded acrylic sheets. The thickness of the acrylic sheet is determined by the space between the steel dies – the larger the space, the thicker the resulting acrylic sheet will be. The acrylic sheet is then fed into cooling rolls, after which they move to the cutting process where are they cut into smaller pieces, packaged and sent to the markets for selling.

If you want to have a specific measurement cut from an extruded acrylic, you can try to contact the manufacturing company and inquire if they can accommodate your requests. Unfortunately, while many manufacturing companies do accept such job orders, they will only do so if the order is large enough. If you can’t get a manufacturing company to manufacture the size of the extruded acrylic that you want, you can always rely on plastic fabricators or acrylic laser cutting in Sydney to cut them into the right size for you.

Extrusion is a preferred method for manufacturing acrylics mainly because of its many advantages over other methods. For one, this process is more economical as there are lesser amounts of waste products resulting from it. This is one of the primary reasons why sellers are able to sell extruded acrylic at much lower prices. Extrusion is also faster and more flexible than other methods, and it allows for close tolerances especially when it comes to the acrylic’s thickness.

What Is Extruded Acrylic?

Extruded acrylic is actually the more popular type of acrylic, accounting almost three quarters of all the acrylic available in the market. Many entrepreneurs who engage the services of plastic fabricators in Sydney for their projects will usually requests for the product to fabricated using these particular type of acrylic mainly because of its price (extruded acrylic is much cheaper than cast acrylic). Despite being affordable though, good quality extruded acrylic is still considered to be top notch material and is just as good as the others.

Extruded acrylic is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. For instance, they are used in making aquariums, plastic display cases and even lighting fixtures with the aid of plastic fabrication and computer aided drawing (CAD) because of their superb optical clarity. On the outside, they are commonly used as panels for greenhouses, windows for sheds, and as signage for businesses. With regards to outdoor uses, they make the perfect choice since they are resistant to both ultra violet rays from the sun and chemicals and thus have longer service life.

There are some concerns about using extruded acrylic though, especially with regards to outdoor use, and that is that it tends to turn yellow easily. However, this is only true in the cases of substandard or low quality extruded acrylic because high quality acrylic do not suffer such discolouration even after years of use and exposure. What is true though is that they tend to scratch easier than cast acrylic since they are softer. This is why when cleaning extruded acrylic, it is advisable that you use a soft cloth and warm water with detergent and wipe slowly in order to avoid or at least miminise the scratches. In case they do scratch, these scratches are rarely noticeable (depending on how deep they are) and can be easily buffed away.
If taken cared off properly and according to manufacturer’s instructions, extruded acrylic will look good as new even after years of being used. In fact, some really good extruded acrylic can remain looking like new for decades.

Types of Acrylic Used by Plastic Fabricators in Sydney: Extruded Acrylic

Acrylic is a very versatile material and is used for a wide range of applications. It is used to manufacture or fabricate a variety of specialised and common everyday items like shower doors are enclosures, plastic display cases and point of sale displays, shelves, coffee tables and so much more. Basically, it is a form of clear plastic that looks very similar to glass, but has certain properties that makes it a great (and often preferred) alternative to the said material.

For one, the transparency rate of acrylic is around 93% (depending on the quality of course) which is pretty much the same as glass. In the case of thick glass sheets, there is an observable green tint, whereas acrylic is able to retain its transparency despite its thickness. Acrylic also comes in different variants aside from clear acrylic. There are coloured acrylics, and even comes in mirrored or frosted treatments. Some studies and researches have also found that acrylic has better insulation properties when compared to glass. With regards to being used as windows in sheds or garages, this makes them much more effective in keeping cold or hot air inside the room, which then helps to reduce cooling or heating bills significantly.

There are two common kinds of acrylic that is being sold in the market today – extruded acrylic and cast acrylic. They may look the same when seen from afar, but closer inspection and some research will show that they do differ in many different ways. These differences is actually one of the factors that explains the why one is more expensive than the other. Knowing these differences is important, and will help you to determine which of the two will be more suitable for your acrylic design and fabrication needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at extruded acrylic, what it is, what its features are, and the different advantages it has over cast acrylic.

Are You Looking for Plastic Display Cases in Sydney?

Many shop and store owners nowadays know and understand how important it is to have a display case where they can showcase and highlight their products. They know (and as proven by many studies) that people are more inclined to buy a product that is displayed and presented well. Of course, there will be many considerations that must be taken before any entrepreneur puts down money for a display case – factors like durability and safety are of utmost importance, but equally as important is the design and style of the display case, especially if it is to help in marketing and promoting the business or the brand. And of course, the display case needs to be affordable and within the budget of the company, one that doesn’t need a high capital but will still provide absolute value to the company’s marketing and promotional campaign. In all these aspects, a plastic display case is the best option.

However, in order for you to achieve the desired design and style for your plastic display case, as well as to ensure its safety and durability, you will want to make sure that you only employ the services of a reputable and professional plastic fabricator who has excellent expertise in CNC laser cutting, CNC saw cutting, CNC routing and machining, and other processes and procedures. If you are in need of plastic display cases for your business or any services related to plastic fabrication and Perspex cutting in Sydney, do call us up at +61 -2 9550 5844 or you can send us an email via our contact page. We always make ourselves available to answer your needs.

Plastic Display Cases Are Safe and Durable

Perhaps one of the most important concerns for many establishment owners is safety, and plastic display cases shine bright in these respects. Provided that your plastic display case is made from one of the leading plastic fabricators in Sydney, you can expect your plastic display case to be durable and long-lasting and will provide you with long years of service without fail. In addition, acrylic is much more flexible than glass, so plastic display cases have lesser tendencies to break or shatter should any unfortunate mishap occur. In the case where they do break, plastic shatters into large fragments unlike glass which breaks into tiny bits and shards. The large fragments, although still sharp, will be much easier to pick up and clean, whereas glass shards will require a more thorough cleanup after breakage in order to ensure that no piece is left to harm walking customers.
In addition, the edges of a plastic display case can be polished to a high degree of smoothness and fineness with a diamond polisher especially at the edges. These minimizes the chances of you, your staff or your customers being cut or injured by the plastic display case. These durability and safety factors are very important considerations, especially if the display cases are usually moved and transported, or in shops and stores where playful kids are often running around.

Plastic Display Cases Can Be Integrated with Modern Technology

Nowadays, plastic display cases are more than just clear boxes where products are displayed – they can now be integrated with different modern technology which can greatly enhance their appeal and at the same time help to promote your business or brand. For instance, plastic display cases can now have LED lights installed in them, which provides additional lighting to better showcase the product in it. These LED lights can also be customised in a way that they emit colours that promote your brand. These visual features will certainly help a lot in getting an ordinary passerby’s attention and turning them into potential customers. Needless to say, acrylic can be molded and customised in the same way that it complements the overall design and marketing goal of the business, and in order to achieve this, you will want to have the help of a fabricator who is skilled in the area acrylic laser cutting in Sydney.

Plastic Display Cases Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another reason why many business owners prefer to use plastic display cases is because it is easy to clean and maintain. Sure, these cases gather dust and stains over time, especially when they are exposed to outside elements (such as when you use them in outdoor exhibits or outside your shop), these can be easily remedied by simple dusting or wiping. Plastic display cases don’t normally have issues with food and other types of stains, just make sure that you wipe them immediately. You can also use a multi-purpose cleaner in order to better remove any stains. When wiping, avoid using coarse or gritty cloth since this may leave scratch marks on your plastic display case. If you see any scratches though and you’d like to get rid of them, you can have a professional sand and polish them back to their original state. Please note that sanding is best left to the hands of a pro, since you may do more harm than good to your plastic display case if you’re not aware of the proper way to perform the procedure or lack the necessary tools for the job – and no, a diamond polisher, which is a factory used equipment, is not what you need.

Plastic Display Cases Are Lightweight!

Another huge advantage of plastic display cases is that they are much lighter than display cases made from wood or glass. This is a huge factor to be considered, especially for businesses that tend to move their cases and products around a lot. For instance, a business joining an exhibit will find that plastic display cases are very portable since they are easier to transport from their office to the exhibit venue and back. This same endeavour will certainly be much more difficult if the cases were made from heavier materials like wood and glass. Also, because of the lightweight features, plastic display cases can be installed on walls of shops and stores, without the establishment owner having fear that the case may fall down because of weight. You can talk to professional plastic fabricators in Sydney to find out your options when it comes to lightweight acrylic materials for your plastic display case.

Benefits of Plastic Display Cases and Stands

There are certainly many benefits of plastic display cases and stands, especially when compared with similar products made from other materials. Some of these benefits include the following:

Plastic Display Cases Come in a Variety of Styles and Designs

Acrylic is a versatile material, especially when it comes to styles and designs. Because of its nature, acrylic can be molded and fashioned into different shapes and sizes, so you can be sure that whatever design you want, you will definitely find a plastic display case that will best suit your needs. One advantage that these plastic display cases have over glass cases is that the former is able to maintain its optical features better than the latter. This is mainly because when glass is bended or curved, the items behind them somehow tend to appear bigger or smaller (or even somewhat distorted) than they actually are. Furthermore, acrylic display cases can come in a wide range of colours, which is perfect if you are looking for one that will complement your business or brand’s colour theme and motif. You’ll just have to find a plastic fabricator in Sydney who is proficient in the use of computer aided drawing (CAD) who can help you with the planning and designing of your plastic display case.

Why Your Business Needs Plastic Display Cases

If you are in the business of selling certain items – anything like simple yet tasty pastries or luxurious and elegant jewelleries – then chances are that you’re going to need a case where you can display your goods. However, in these times when people are more visually stimulated, an ordinary display case or stand wouldn’t be enough to attract customers and make them want to buy your product. Remember that today, the way you present your goods will have a huge impact in catching a potential customer’s attention and enticing him or her to buy from you, which is basically why you’ll want a case made from a professional display case design and fabrication company.

Over the years, many types of display cases and stands have been made available to the everyday merchant and entrepreneur. These can also be manufactured using different materials, namely glass, metal, wood, plastic, or even a combination of all these things mentioned. Looking around though, it is safe to say that amongst all the materials mentioned, plastic or acrylic is one material that is rapidly gaining popularity amongst many business owners. Their reasons for choosing a plastic display case may vary, but you can be certain that whatever their reason is, one, two or probably all of the below benefits will be one of them.