Can Acrylic Sheets Be An Alternative To Glass In Windows?

Commercial and Residential Windows

When it comes to windows for both commercial and residential buildings, glass has always been the standard. However, the recent years have seen the growing popularity of using acrylic sheet as an alternative to glass windows. There are many different reasons as to why this shift happened.

For one, there are security issues. In general, acrylic sheet are known to be more durable and shatter resistant compared to glass. Because of this inherent strength of acrylic sheet, it will be much more difficult for unscrupulous individuals to break and enter into the building. This then makes the residents of the building feel much safer and secured.

Another reason is that acrylic sheet is often cheaper than glass. Therefore, by using acrylic sheets in their windows, property owners will be able to enjoy the same look and feel of glass but without having to spend a lot.


Another use of acrylic sheets in the building and construction industry is in the making of skylights. This is because this material is more versatile than glass, which makes them easier to cut and install in most types of roofs. In this regard, glass has certain restrictions although they are often used for the said purpose.

In addition to that, acrylic sheet has a better survivability rate than that of glass. This is especially true in the case of acrylic sheets that have been pre-treated and have glazing or coating applications. With such treatments, acrylic sheets used for skylights has high resistance against smudges and scratches. This allows them to maintain excellent clarity and visibility which are characteristics that anyone would want from their skylights.

Security Facilities

As mentioned earlier, acrylic sheet is generally tougher and stronger than ordinary glass. For this reason, it is also used in the building and construction of security facilities. Here, the acrylic sheets are used to keep the property and people safe.

This is why you’ll often see acrylic sheet used in prison and penitentiary facilities. They are used as confinements for the convicted criminals and even as dividers to separate convicted criminals from their visitors in the visitation area.

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