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Diamond Polisher – Things To Know About The Polish

The role of a diamond polisher is extremely important because the polish can affect the price and grade of the diamond. The diamond polisher ensures the best shine for the diamond after it is cut. Polishing a diamond allows light to reflect within the diamond while giving that beautiful shine.

The polish of the stone plays an important role in the 4C’s of the diamond viz. Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat weight. However, over a period of time the polish of the stone can be affected due to various factors. In order to preserve the shine, it requires diligence and care.

The role of a diamond polisher is quite challenging because even a small flaw can affect the polish of the diamond. Diamond can also be professionally re-cut and re-polished in case the diamond loses its shine due to any accident. However, the re-cut will reduce some carat weight every time.

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Design And Fabrication – Access To Bespoke Designs

Design and fabrication of bespoke designs is important in today’s modern industry and manufacturing. This is especially important in case of metal design and fabrication related services. The aviation industry along with the automobile industry requires access to the best designs because improper design and fabrication would mean loss of money and effort.

Choosing the right company for design and fabrication is important. One must choose the right company which specializes in the design and fabrication of plastics, metals and other materials while ensuring the best and high quality outcome. Use of custom fabrication services is easy when you have an easy access to a dedicated team of professionals.

Incorporating the skills of highly experienced welders along with the use of state of the art technology one can save industry time and effort. Specialty alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel etc. can all be custom designed and fabricated.

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Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)-Technical Drawing Made Easy

Computer aided drawing (CAD) has evolved immensely over the last few years. The age of free hand drawing is almost over and engineers, architects and manufactures rely on Computer aided drawing these days. This technology allows one to make multiple modifications, additions and deletions of technical elements quickly and easily.

Computer aided drawing also allows for simplified management, transfer and reproduction of the designs. One can also archive a document and would never lose a design ever. Regardless of the industry, Computer aided drawing (CAD) can create plans and other technical elements for any project.

Computer aided drawing (CAD) is less prone to mistakes and hence involves fewer poorly drawn lines. In case of freehand drawing it is hard to detect a mistake in 2D, however the 3D representation allows one to detect and correct errors quickly. The Computer aided drawing (CAD) also allows faster drawing because lines and shapes can be drawn very quickly with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

CNC Saw Cutting -Using A Slitting Saw Safely

CNC saw cutting offers great precision and quality, however one needs to avoid any mistakes which can lead to accidents or, improper cutting. Using the thickest saw blade possible would allow ease of control so that one can get a more precise and quality cut. Also, the blade used for CNC saw cutting will have more strength and resistance to shattering.

For effective CNC saw cutting one may choose carbide blades even though high speed steel blades are much cheaper because carbide offers more rigidity and better performance. The feed and speed for CNC saw cutting must be appropriately adjusted based on the situation and need.

For long cut paths, one also need to have lots of coolants like floor coolant which allows the CNC saw cutter to cut fast. When you get a arbor, choose one which has a deep cap and a low profile.

CNC Routing And Machining – Efficient And Precise Technology

In the manufacturing world, CNC routing and machining is making a huge impact. It offers efficiency and precision along with improved productivity. CNC routing can be automated to handle several projects together. In case you have a single design which needs to be cut several times, CNC routing and machining can do the task with ease.

One can guarantee precision and accuracy with CNC routing and machining. As the machinery is not reliant on human control, it is mostly safe. Also, CNC routing and machining includes several safety features to guard against accidents. The use of CNC routing and machining also reduces the need for manpower which means reduced manpower costs.

Training for CNC routing can be undertaken virtually because one just needs to understand the programming and control features. The inherent flexibility offered by CNC routing and machining allows it to adapt to any project effortlessly.

CNC Laser Cutting -All About Quality And Precision

CNC Laser cutting machines offer a technologically advanced solution for all your cutting requirements. There are various reasons behind the edge provided by CNC laser cutting over traditional methods. CNC stands for Computer numerical control which means the processes are automated and guarantee highest standards of quality and precision.

The CNC laser cutting machines are extremely versatile which means your investment will offer complete value for money because it would allow you to meet a wide range of requirements. They can be used to cut a wide range of different materials including wood, leather, fabric, acrylic, cardboard, MDF and some sheet metals. They can be also used to suit a variety of purposes like pipe cutting, sheet metal production etc.

CNC laser cutting is extremely time efficient and can get jobs done quickly and with precision. This means that you can carry out more work in less time and boost productivity. It is also incredibly safe to use because no moving parts are exposed.

Acrylic Laser Cutting Sydney -Tips For Great Results

Acrylic is a synthetic thermoplastic which is also thermo formable and usually ideal for cutting and engraving with CO2 lasers. There are two types of acrylic viz. Cast and extruded acrylic. There are myriad benefits associated with Acrylic Laser cutting Sydney and applications ranging from signage to toys and construction of vehicles.

In its traditional form, Acrylic is clear and durable which makes it an excellent alternative to glass. This makes Acrylic laser cutting Sydney quite effective because it is easy to avoid most damage and blemishes which are normal with fragile options. Acrylic is quite strong to work with and extremely versatile.

Choose the right material for your project and be careful with the spacing between two paths which is dependent on the thickness of the material. It is important to pay attention to the minimum and maximum dimensions while working with Acrylic Laser cutting Sydney.

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Are You Looking for the Best Laser Cutting and Fabrication Services?

Not many people realise that Perspex is actually a brand name or a tradename. Thus, they often use the term to refer to acrylic glass. With the passage of time, Perspex has become a generic term used for referring to acrylic sheets. Some people might feel that Perspex or acrylic has come into being fairly recently. But, this is not the case. Acrylic has been around for more than a century. But, its commercial use has become increasingly widespread since the end of the Second World War. Perspex is very light. Experts opine that it weighs less than half the weight of glass for a sheet of the same size. In addition, Perspex sheets are as transparent as optical glass. Because Perspex is lightweight, some people might think that it is a flimsy material. But, this is clearly not the case. Perspex is incredibly strong. It offers a much greater impact resistance than glass does. On the occasions when it does shatter, Perspex shatters more safely than glass. Perspex also offers better levels of thermal insulation as compared to glass. Not surprisingly, Perspex cutting companies in Sydney and other places find it much easier to work with and shape as opposed to glass.

Perspex is completely recyclable. It can also block the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Given this fact, it is hardly surprising that many museums and art galleries use special ultraviolet-grade Perspex sheets for protecting their exhibits and artwork. As a material, Perspex is hard and rigid. Yet, plastic fabricators can bend it into the desired shape with minimal fuss. In many cases, these professionals will use heat for making Perspex more malleable. However, they could use kerf bending or cutting techniques to meet this objective as well. Professional plastic fabricators, such as those at FX Plastics use laser cutters for cutting slots in the Perspex sheet. Cutting slots in the sheet makes it easier to bend the sheet into the desired shape. In some cases, making engravings on the Perspex sheet might be necessary too. The use of CNC engraving machines or laser cutters can help accomplish this objective.

Obtaining high-quality sheets of Perspex might be easy. But, cutting these sheets to meet exacting specifications is not. Similarly, giving the sheet of Perspex the desired form or shape is not an easy task. Even with the use of cutting-edge technology, the slightest mistake could mar the entire sheet. This is why industrial and commercial establishments throughout the country rely on FX Plastics for their acrylic fabrication services. The superlative levels of service that we provide has made us an industry leader. For more than 45 years, we have wowed clients with our superlative services and impeccable skills. Our team has a combined experience of more than 135 years in the domain. Not surprisingly, we can deliver high-quality products within the agreed lead times in addition to providing personalised customer service.

Unlike other fabricators, we have invested extensively in acquiring cutting-edge technology. Our facilities in Marrickville, Sydney, feature state-of-the-art equipment and machines. These machines enable us to offer CNC routing and machining skills par excellence. In addition, they enable us to provide you with any kind of items, components or products that you need in-house, without your needing to outsource anything. We offer a diverse selection of acrylic sheets, rods and tubes. Moreover, our extensive experience in the industry has enabled us to develop numerous fabrication procedures for one-off items to high-volume production runs. With such remarkable levels of capabilities, we are confident of our abilities to provide you with optimal value for each dollar you spend. To know more, call us at +61 2 9550 5844.

How Perspex is Making its Presence Felt in the Retail Communication and Signage Industry

Perspex acrylic is a highly versatile thermoplastic. Known as Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylic glass, Perspex offers certain features that make it a superior substitute for glass. There are two varieties of Perspex commonly sold in the country i.e. cast and extruded acrylic. Workers push liquid plastic through rollers, which press the plastic into sheets as it cools. This process yields sheets of extruded acrylic. The resulting sheets are much softer than cast acrylic sheets. But, this also means that they remain susceptible to scratches and could contain impurities as well.

In contrast, cell cast acrylic offers higher levels of quality than extruded acrylic. However, this superior quality has a costlier manufacturing process as well. Workers press the liquid plastic between pieces of a mould made of glass. Thereafter, this liquid plastic goes through a gradual heating process. Thus, the resulting sheet will invariably offer superior levels of strength as opposed to extruded acrylic. With the help of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software, plastic fabricators can shape the acrylic sheet into the desired form.

If you were to walk down to the commercial, hub of the city or even visit your local mall, you would find yourself gazing at a myriad of acrylic products. Sometimes the acrylic object would be simply indicating the direction that you need to take. On other occasions, it might be highlighting the identity of a specific brand. In some cases, it might even take the shape of a case used for displaying and protecting an assortment of products. Not many people might be aware of it, but the signage used by banks, supermarkets and the local superstores will typically comprise Perspex acrylic. This only serves to highlight the versatility of the material and its widespread use in commercial and retail establishments across Australia.

Perspex acrylic comes in a vast range of standard colours. As such, this gives owners of corporate brands ample choice when it comes to matching colours that depict their brand identity perfectly. In addition, Perspex acrylic has the ability to weather well. This is an important trait, because a large percentage of signage remains outdoors and exposed to the elements. The superb weatherability of acrylic enables it to look and perform well for longer stretches of time in all-weather conditions.

However, Perspex does not only come into use for making signage. Not many people will consider looking up as they walk along the aisles in their local supermarkets. If they did, they could come across Perspex light acrylic working in conjunction with energy-efficient LEDs in the panel lights used for illuminating the walkways and display cases efficiently and effectively. Similarly, Perspex is the material of choice when it comes to plastic display cases and point of purchase applications. Its strength, durability and design flexibility, in conjunction with its superior optical clarity, make it the ideal material for showing off all kinds of products – ranging from mobile phones to jewellery.

In the retail sector, a number of brands vie for your attention constantly. As such, no brand can afford to blend into the background. To make an impression, a retail brand needs to catch the eye of its target market. By using Perspex acrylic, business owners can accomplish this objective easily. Plastic fabricators can create flexible, innovative and eye-catching products to suit the corporate imaging and signage requirements of a commercial establishment. As mentioned earlier, Perspex offers no dearth of colours, shades, textures and finishes to choose from. So, whether you need edge effects and textures or display cases with back and edge-lit lighting in your facility, the likelihood exists that Perspex fabricators will be able to give you precisely what you need.

How Can Acrylic Sheets Help Create Energy Efficiency?

Solar Panels

Some buildings have solar panels installed in them as part of their efforts to generate their own electricity and thus reduce their power consumption. This is all good and can be viewed as their own way of helping the environment and preserving the natural resources. Along this line, many manufacturers of solar panels make use of acrylic sheet instead of glass when it comes to the manufacture of their solar panels.

Acrylic sheet is used as a component of solar panels used in both construction and industrial settings. Many solar panel manufacturers prefer to use acrylic because they hold up better against harsh weather conditions. And because they are more durable, they can offer better protection to the other components of the solar panels. They also allow more or less 90% of light to pass through them and into the solar cells, which makes them an efficient material and suitable for this particular purpose.


Acrylic sheets can also be used as insulators for buildings. In general though, the insulating properties of acrylic is less than that of glass, and this is one factor where glass can be a more superior option than acrylic. However, acrylic sheet can be and is used as insulation by many contractors and property owners.

Acryl has higher lambda value than glass, meaning it is less efficient as an insulation. Considering the lambda value, where higher value means that it conducts more heat than lesser lambda value materials, acrylic is certainly not the best option. However, the insulating properties of glass can be copied with the use of acrylic sheet.

The way to do this is with the acrylic sheet thickness. What you want is to make use of acrylic sheets that are thicker than glass. Of course there are other things that need to be considered like the thermal treatment for the acrylic sheet and the glazing of the glass it is being compared to.

The downside to this approach is that it may be more challenging for the ordinary person to cut the thicker acrylic sheet to the preferred size and dimensions. As such, you may need the services of an acrylic fabrication company to help you achieve the desired size and dimensions of the acrylic sheet.