CNC Laser Cutting Can Work For Raster Engraving Needs

A CNC laser cutting device is capable of producing a variety of shapes out of the hardest materials around. It can work with many cutting and design processes but it can also help you with engraving a number of materials.

Whether you need to get a detailed plastic display up or you want a more intricate appearance on a diamond or other hard surface, a raster engraving process can be used by a laser cutting device. It works with a unique setup to cut through anything to create a more attractive look all the way through.

How Raster Engraving Works

Raster engraving works as it creates an infill engrave of a particular shape. It will go over the physical body of a surface and cut a particular shape into the area.

This operates in a manner similar to that of an inkjet printer. The machine will turn the laser on and off rather quickly as it moves from one side of a surface to the next. This helps to create a better total look all the way through.

How Deep Are the Lines?

The lines produced in the raster engraving process can be as deep as you want them to be. They can be about a thousandth of a millimeter deep if desired, for instance. You can adjust the depth of the cutting process to your preference if you’re trying to attain a more detailed or visible design.

Also, the laser can be turned on and off after travelling about a thousandth of a millimetre. This should be effective enough to give you a crisp and clear cut all the way through.

A CAD File Is Needed

A computer aided drawing (CAD) vector file will be required for the CNC cutter to work. This is so the cutter will know what spots you want to get cut and how deep the laser is to go around the surface.
Look at how well the CNC laser cutting process can work if you ever have any raster engraving needs. You may be surprised at how well a cut can look if used with a proper CAD vector file.

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