Compelling Design

Point of sale displays need texts, graphics, and other types of visual elements in order to be attractive and to catch the eye of shoppers passing by. There are many things to consider when looking at the design of your POS displays, and consulting a professional design and fabrication team working with POS displays can help you plan out your POS display’s design. This consultation is often necessary, since you certainly wouldn’t want to end up with a large blob of design that looks like unprofessional and confusing.

A POS display design can have a variety of design elements in it. For one, consider using bright and bold designs and colours, as these will surely attract attention and will help make your POS display stand out among the rest. Talk to your designer and see how you can incorporate your brand colours into your POS display since you’d definitely want to make use of that. This is essential since you’ll want to make sure that your brand and its colours remain consistent throughout all your branding and promotional materials, including your POS display. Along this line, you’ll want to play with bright and contrasting colours as well. One idea is to use a colour background that has good contrasts with your brand’s logo. Make sure that the texts have good contrast with the background as well in order to make it readable.

With regards to the fonts, try to use fonts that are bigger than usual. This is to make them readable to shoppers who are standing as far as the next aisle. Also, choose font styles that are appropriate for your brand or product. For instance, products which are supposed to be sold to kids should have fonts that appeal to children like Comic Sans or similar ones that have a kiddie or cartoon-like appeal to them.

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