Computer Aided Design (CAD) Improves Design Quality

Computer aided drawing (CAD) software is packed with a variety of features that can help designers create better designs—from tools, colour pallets, shapes and more. Because of these features, designers now have a variety of options and choices that they can use to further improve the design that they are working on. At the same time, it opens a variety of design possibilities that they usually don’t have with other design software. These features by themselves are more than enough reason why every designer or design firm should add CAD software in their design arsenal.

Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) Makes Documentation Easier

Documentation is one of the most challenging parts of any business process, even in design. However, with the aid of computer aided drawing (CAD) software, this can be done much easier and with less hassles. Documentation is very important since it contains all the necessary details pertaining to the design—from geometries to dimensions and material specifications, as well as its sub assemblies and components. In fact, it can even be used to help keep track of bills of materials and components and other relative factors.

Because of the ability to save and document design processes and details, manufacturers are now able to create a database of design portfolio which they can retrieve and use for future projects. Although no two projects are ever so similar, there will be certain aspects of one design which can be carried on and applied to the others. This eliminates the need to design from scratch certain components, which then saves time, effort and expenses on the part of the manufacturer.

Because all the design data can be saved, retrieved and used for future projects, certain adjustments can be made in order to make a standard set of design. The reduced amount of effort required of the designer because of this, and the standardisation of the design itself, will certainly make the design and fabrication process much more effective and efficient in a myriad of ways.

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