Computer Aided Design (CAD) Provides Seamless Business Operations

In the past, it sometimes happens that issues between the compatibility of the design and the manufacturing process cause delays and added expenses for the manufacturer. For instance, the designer, after toiling for hours on a design or project, sends the completed design to the manufacturer so they can finally produce it. However, there are cases when manufacturers have to send the design back to the designer because they are unable to meet the requirements of the design. The issue may either be awkward product dimensions, incompatible material specifications or other similar issues. Sometimes, the design may not even be feasible with the manufacturers’ tools and equipment like laser cutters or diamond polisher or whatever tool they are using. Because of this act of passing back the design from the manufacturer and the designer (which may even happen more than once) workflow is drastically impeded and negatively affected.

What’s worse is that with traditional design methods, the designer may need to have to redo the whole thing from scratch, which in turn will result to wasted time—time which could have been dedicated to other projects. This can seriously hurt the efficiency of the company, and subsequently, its profits. The use of computer aided design (CAD) software can help to reduce these errors and in the event that there are any errors or changes that need to be made, they can be done much faster so production can resume and get back on track.

And how does this benefit the client? Because of this more efficient and seamless process between design and fabrication, clients will be able to enjoy shorter lead times and will be able to get their hands on their products without having to wait long. Thus, they will be able to enjoy more accurate forecasts as to when they can receive their products, and in turn they can provide a better estimated time of delivery for their customers (as is the case with many resellers).

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