Custom-made Frames vs. Mass-produced Frames

There are basically two ways to get acrylic display frames for your establishment. First, you can get them from retail stores that resell mass-produced acrylic frames. Second, you can have them custom-made by reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney. Of the two options available, it is recommended that you go for the latter. There are several reasons why you should do so, some of which are outlined below.


Custom-made acrylic frames can be customised according to your exact specifications. This means that you don’t have to force fit your posters or display materials into standard sized acrylic frames. This will also give you to the chance to personalise your displays and therefore your whole establishment’s look and appeal. Although most acrylic display frames tend to look similar, you can add some sort of style to your own acrylic display frames. Just talk to your chosen fabricator and they can walk you through both the design and fabrication process. With their skills in computer aided drawing (CAD) they will have no trouble bringing your ideas to life.


Every piece of art requires a different type of acrylic display frame. This is to give the overall interiors a different look and feel altogether. By talking to reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney who are experienced in the manufacture of such frames, you can have different acrylic display frames made for each of the pieces you want to display. This becomes an important consideration for many establishments that have different areas or sections and would like to have a unique look and feel for each. Keep in mind that acrylic comes in various tints, though they’re all clear and transparent. Thus, you have the option of choosing not only the size and dimension of your acrylic frames, but you also have the opportunity to go wild with your design ideas by choosing from different colours and styles that will suit your establishment best.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

These are very important considerations to make when it comes to purchasing acrylic display frames. When you choose to go for mass-produced acrylic display frames, you are basically not sure of the quality of the material used and the craftsmanship that went into making them. When worse comes to worst, you’ll end up with an acrylic display frame that has a cloudy or foggy look or chips and damages easily.

When you have your acrylic display frames made by professional plastic fabricators in Sydney, this becomes less of a worry. You can actually visit their shop and see for yourself how the frames are made. The fabricator will also show you the kinds of materials they use so you can gauge for yourself if it is of high quality acrylic. You can even check the equipment they use like the laser cutters or diamond polishers and others just to see if they really have the tools necessary for an excellent job.

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