Design and Fabrication: 5 Facts to Know About Diamond Polishing

Diamond polishing is the industrial process of refining the edge on processed materials. With acrylic designs and fabrications, this is even more important as it keeps the fabrication pristine. Not implementing the diamond polishing post fabrication can lead to grazing later.

Now, if you are not from the industrial plastic manufacturing and design industry, then you might not know some key facts on diamond polisher services. Here are some important ones you should know about.


5 Important Facts Diamond Polishing of Plastic Design and Fabrications

1.Types Of Diamond Polishing

There are basically two ways by which diamond polishing can be done. The first method involves moving a diamond head across the surface of the fabricated plastic which is kept stationary. The second method is involves keeping a stationary diamond head and moving the fabricated plastic over it.

2. Techniques

As mentioned above, the first type is meant to be used for industrial processing where uniformly crafted pieces of acrylic are run through a diamond polisher. The second type is meant for more customized fabrications which cannot be polished through the mechanized process.

3. Finishes

Diamond polishing can be done for basically two kinds of effects. These effects are purely cosmetic but do add significant value to the finished product. Clients can choose between matte and gloss finishes and there are separate processing times for each type.

4. Output

There are some alternatives to diamond polisher services such as hand sanding, sanding, flame polishing etc. However, none of these provide the quality output that can be seen after a diamond polishing. Also, custom designs are better suited for hand-based diamond polishing because they cannot be easily fitted into pre-set machines. These machines can only fit a certain type or size of fabricated plastic.

5. Cost

Diamond polisher services can be a costly depending on the quantity and quality of material being polished. The polishing finish is also affected by the cleanness of the fabrication process itself. Mechanised polishing can cost lesser with more volume or when the polishing surface is easily fitted into machines. Custom designs that need hand polishing can cost more.

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