Designing Acrylic Nail Polish Racks: Considerations


When designing an acrylic nail polish rack, you should first consider what type of rack you want the acrylic fabrication shop to manufacture for you. Nail polish racks come in various styles and types, but the three most common ones are counter racks, wall-hung-racks, and stand-alone racks.

Although they are also used in stores, counter racks are most predominantly bought for home and personal use and wall-hung and stand-alone racks are used bought by business establishments. However, there are nail polish enthusiasts who are now buying wall-hung and stand-alone racks for personal use in order to better organize and display their collection.


Most common acrylic nail polish racks are pretty simple in design, incorporating shelves, side and back walls and nothing more. However, there are many ways to spice up your acrylic nail polish rack’s design. You can even try to talk to the acrylic fabrication shops who have manufactured acrylic nail polish racks before and maybe they can give you some design ideas.

One way to improve on the design of your acrylic nail polish rack is by adding useful features to it. For example, you can incorporate small drawers underneath the rack to keep nail cutters, nail files, and other similar items. Or perhaps you can have open boxes on the sides of the counter rack for the same purpose.

If you want to go even further, maybe you can have a swivel incorporated in the design. Most acrylic nail polish racks in department stores find these helpful since all the customer has to do is to turn the rack in order to find their preferred nail polish.

With these features, not only will your nail polish bottles and tools be organized, but it will also free up some space in your drawers or cabinets. Plus, they look professional and quite amazing, too.


When designing an acrylic nail polish rack prior to having it manufactured by an acrylic fabrication shop, one of the things you need to consider would be the capacity. Depending on the size and capacity, these racks can hold anywhere between two dozen to a hundred plus nail polish bottles. Obviously, the small capacity racks are more suitable for home and personal use, whereas the large capacity racks are mostly bought by business establishments like salons, nail spas, and department stores.

As a recommendation for those who are buying acrylic nail polish racks for home and personal use, it might be better to go for a larger rack at the start. In many cases, ladies tend to enjoy their newly organized collection so much that they end up buying more nail polish later on. That’s perfectly normal since for most women, you can never have too much nail polish.

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