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Environmental awareness is on the rise with each passing day. The average Australian is well aware of the benefits of adopting recycling and reusing waste. Acting irresponsibly will invariably come back to haunt you subsequently. This is why many Australians are going green – in all senses of the term. Not only are they purchasing products that are energy efficient and feature recycled materials. They are reducing the volumes of waste that they produce – in residential and commercial establishments alike.

Similarly, commercial establishments are also aware of the benefits of adopting ecofriendly practices. Failure to comply with the prescribed laws and regulations will not only lead them facing hefty fines and penalties. It will damage their reputation as well. For these reasons, many commercial establishments prefer using environment-friendly materials in their manufacturing processes. Not surprisingly, acrylic is one of the top materials that many of these setups prefer using – especially when they require design and fabrication services. This is primarily because acrylic:

  • Offers superior levels of insulation as opposed to glass i.e. the thermal conductivity of acrylic is approximately one-sixth to that of glass
  • Is non-toxic to aquatic organisms and inert in the environment – a trait which also makes it appropriate for using in the food service industry
  • Offers superb levels of durability and consequently, a longer lifespan which eliminates the need to make frequent replacements
  • Has a high molecular weight, which enhances its chemical and weather resistance properties and,
  • Weighs about half the weight of glass, which also serves to lower transportation costs and consequently, carbon dioxide emissions

Given these beneficial traits, it is hardly surprising why acrylic is fast becoming the material of choice in Australia’s fabrication sector. However, merely using acrylic in your products and goods is not enough. To get the best value for your money, you will need the services of a reputed and established fabricator as well. At FX Plastics, this is exactly what we bring to the table.

FX Plastics is one of the leading providers of acrylic fabrication services in Australia. For more than 45 years, we have been providing quality parts and components of all shapes and sizes to a myriad of clients. A keen eye for detail is at the core of our mission. In addition, our ability to deliver innovative solutions at cost-effective rates distinguishes us from the competition.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Marrickville features all the latest equipment used in the fabrication industry. From CNC machining stations to diamond polishers, we have it all. Our investment in technology complements the years of experience of our staff. It is worth mentioning that our team has a collective experience of more then 135 years in the domain. Thus, you can expect to receive high-quality products within the agreed timeframes each time you entrust us with your business. From one-off items to high volume production runs, we can deliver on all counts. To know more, call us at +61 – 2 9550 5844.

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