How Can Acrylic Sheets Help Create Energy Efficiency?

Solar Panels

Some buildings have solar panels installed in them as part of their efforts to generate their own electricity and thus reduce their power consumption. This is all good and can be viewed as their own way of helping the environment and preserving the natural resources. Along this line, many manufacturers of solar panels make use of acrylic sheet instead of glass when it comes to the manufacture of their solar panels.

Acrylic sheet is used as a component of solar panels used in both construction and industrial settings. Many solar panel manufacturers prefer to use acrylic because they hold up better against harsh weather conditions. And because they are more durable, they can offer better protection to the other components of the solar panels. They also allow more or less 90% of light to pass through them and into the solar cells, which makes them an efficient material and suitable for this particular purpose.


Acrylic sheets can also be used as insulators for buildings. In general though, the insulating properties of acrylic is less than that of glass, and this is one factor where glass can be a more superior option than acrylic. However, acrylic sheet can be and is used as insulation by many contractors and property owners.

Acryl has higher lambda value than glass, meaning it is less efficient as an insulation. Considering the lambda value, where higher value means that it conducts more heat than lesser lambda value materials, acrylic is certainly not the best option. However, the insulating properties of glass can be copied with the use of acrylic sheet.

The way to do this is with the acrylic sheet thickness. What you want is to make use of acrylic sheets that are thicker than glass. Of course there are other things that need to be considered like the thermal treatment for the acrylic sheet and the glazing of the glass it is being compared to.

The downside to this approach is that it may be more challenging for the ordinary person to cut the thicker acrylic sheet to the preferred size and dimensions. As such, you may need the services of an acrylic fabrication company to help you achieve the desired size and dimensions of the acrylic sheet.

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