How CNC laser cutting works

Laser cutting, which started as early as 1967, has proved to be a very versatile and precise means of fabrication. Powerful lasers are used for acrylics as well as metals such as aluminium and copper alloys. This technique also utilizes maximum material with narrow laser cut width, computer programmed designs and without any use of clamping strip. It ensures relatively low cost, speed and efficiency and high precision. Since everything is CNC controlled, the commands entered into the computer give precisely identical parts or products which mean fewer or no defects per batch. At FX Plastics, we ensure all these factors in place for a cost-effective and time sensitive delivery of the products.
CNC laser cutting services have a wide range of application in a myriad of industries including medical, hospitality, electronics, and telecommunication, aerospace, and automotive, to name a few. The process encompasses a number of elements and is valuable for high volumes of components, designing of the components or the complete assembly.

•Low costs: Additional operations, which could otherwise add extra cost and subsequently extra time to a project, are greatly reduced due to the use of automated CNC laser cutting techniques.

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