How Has CNC Laser Cutting Changed the Acrylic Fabrication Industry?

CNC laser cutting technology has grown by a lot since computer aided drawing entered the market. The current gen CNC laser cutting machines are digital calibrated. This makes for much more refined and uniform cuts. There are also many other benefits one can get from CNC laser cutting machines. Here are 5 of the most important ones:


How Computed Aided Drawing Influence CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Energy Efficiency

CNC laser cutting offers a much more energy efficient working model thanks to the optimisation of the cutting process. On an average, a non-CAD blanking press or turret would require 50kW of power to operate fully. But CNC laser cutting machines can do with only 10kW of power use.

Diverse Operational Ability

Before CNC laser cutting came into the market, materials could only be cut to their tensile strength limit. However, laser cutting allows us to cut all kinds of materials provided they can be melted with heat.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs before CNC laser cutting apparatus used to be high. But this technology has greatly reduced maintenance and upkeep requirements. Further, computer aided drawing allow for systematic upgrades of the technology. This results in lesser waste and by proxy, lesser repair and replacement requirements.

Enhanced Edging

The quality of the cuts made CNC laser cutting machines are far superior to all other types of mechanisms in the market. The fine edge allows for more prompt fabrication and routing, creating custom drawing and format as required by clients. This has naturally increased the viability of CNC laser cutting for plastic fabrication at a commercial level.

Quicker Turnovers

Swapping from one set of materials for cutting to another set of acrylic sheets used to take as much as 30 minutes in pre-CNC laser cutting models. But now, this changing does not take any time at all. In fact, depending upon the size of the mechanisms, multiple loads or batches can be entered into the machines. This reduces overall processing time and also overall operating costs.


Where Can You Get the Best Computer Aided Drawing for CNC Laser Cutting in Sydney?

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