Plastic Display Cases Are Safe and Durable

Perhaps one of the most important concerns for many establishment owners is safety, and plastic display cases shine bright in these respects. Provided that your plastic display case is made from one of the leading plastic fabricators in Sydney, you can expect your plastic display case to be durable and long-lasting and will provide you with long years of service without fail. In addition, acrylic is much more flexible than glass, so plastic display cases have lesser tendencies to break or shatter should any unfortunate mishap occur. In the case where they do break, plastic shatters into large fragments unlike glass which breaks into tiny bits and shards. The large fragments, although still sharp, will be much easier to pick up and clean, whereas glass shards will require a more thorough cleanup after breakage in order to ensure that no piece is left to harm walking customers.
In addition, the edges of a plastic display case can be polished to a high degree of smoothness and fineness with a diamond polisher especially at the edges. These minimizes the chances of you, your staff or your customers being cut or injured by the plastic display case. These durability and safety factors are very important considerations, especially if the display cases are usually moved and transported, or in shops and stores where playful kids are often running around.

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