Plastic Fabricators Sydney: Are Acrylic Frames Any Good and Should You Have them Custom Made?

Acrylic sign and poster display frames are pretty common sights around many establishments and shopping centres. They are used to hold movie posters, advertisements and several other types of works or pieces of graphic nature. Because they are necessary installations in commercial properties, these frames are one of the most popular items produced by plastic fabricators in Sydney aside from the usual plastic display cases.

In the past years, these display frames were usually made out of glass. However, there has been a steady shift towards the use of acrylic recently. This is mainly because many have learned about the different advantages of acrylic over glass as a display frame material.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Display Frames

As was mentioned, acrylic as a display frame material has certain features and characteristics that make them more appealing than glass.

  • Acrylic Is Durable. Acrylic is a much more durable display frame material compared to glass. Comparing the two side by side, acrylic is virtually unbreakable. This is why acrylic is considered as a material of choice for display frames that gets moved around a lot, as is the case in many galleries and malls. The use of acrylic display frames becomes a necessity when the piece is to be shipped and will be travelling long distances. An acrylic photo frame provides peace of mind that glass photo frames cannot.
  • Acrylic Is Lightweight. Glass is much, much, heavier than acrylic. This makes glass a rather difficult material to work with during the installation since it will require more manpower. Aside from that, it also puts added stress to the wall or column that they are installed in. In addition, larger pieces of glass are prone to breaking and snapping while being handled. Because acrylic is lightweight (twice as much as light, some say even more) these things shouldn’t be a problem. The weight will of course be affected by the thickness of the acrylic. Be sure to discuss with the plastic fabricators in Sydney the thickness of the acrylic to be used in order to better gauge the overall weight of the frame.
  • Acrylic Is Safer. Accidents do happen, especially when you consider all the people that walks into the mall or establishment. It is possible for anyone to knock the display frame and break it. In the case of glass, this will shatter and leave sharp shards lying everywhere. This is rather dangerous for everyone in the property. With acrylic display frames though, this shouldn’t be a problem. They can withstand a significant amount of impact and still remain solid.
  • Acrylic has excellent clarity. When it comes to clarity, many people tend to think that glass is much better than acrylic. However, this isn’t always the case. There are different grades of acrylic and the ones that belong to the higher end of the spectrum like those used by known plastic fabricators in Sydney tend to have better clarity than ordinary glass. For instance, some glass will only allow about 80% of the light to pass through it, whereas acrylic can allow for up to 90%. This means that more light will pass through the acrylic and thus provide more illumination for your posters and signs. This is actually one of the reasons why acrylic is the choice for boat windows, because it allows more of the sunlight to flood a rather small space or cabin and make it appear brighter.

It should be noted that all these benefits can only be truly enjoyed if the acrylic display case is made from excellent quality acrylic and equally excellent craftsmanship. Thus, if you’re having one made, be sure to commission only reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney who are known for using high quality materials.

However, it should be noted that acrylic is not invincible and that they are prone to damage. Here are some of the issues that you may encounter with acrylic.

  • Acrylic Scratches Easily. One of the drawbacks of acrylic display frames is that they scratch fairly easy. This is why it is recommended that you use a soft towel or cotton rag when cleaning them. In fact, even cleaning it with rough paper towel can leave marks on the surface of the acrylic display frame. However, this is only true in the case of low quality acrylic. This is why when you’re having acrylic photo frames made by plastic fabricators in Sydney, be sure to ask about the quality of the acrylic that they will be using. Also, high quality acrylic has industry grade coating that gives it added protection from scratches.
  • Acrylic can Turn Yellow Over Time. There are reports of acrylic display frames turning yellow over time. This is quite normal as the acrylic ages. However, if your acrylic display frame is made from high quality acrylic, then you shouldn’t have to worry. It will take a lot of years before any yellowing shows up.

As mentioned, there are both pros and cons of using acrylic display frames. However, you’ll notice that the benefits will far outweigh the drawbacks provided your acrylic display frames are made from high quality acrylic and by reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney.

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