Services Offered

You’ll also want to work with an acrylic fabricator who offers a wide range of services and not just merely production. If you still don’t have a design for the product you need, their design and engineering department can help you create the design or make one for you instead. This service can be really helpful, and their knowledge of computer aided drawing (CAD) and their creativity can help you to see the overall picture before any work commences. If you go for the latter, be sure to ask for a copy of the design first.
In addition, a company with a wide range of services can be helpful to your future business needs. Thus, you don’t have to deal with different companies for each and every one of your needs, which can be very stressful. Moreover, having to deal with different companies (i.e. one company handle the design, another company to handle the CNC routing and machining process and so on and so forth) will increase your total cost and may even cause you to go beyond your budget.

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