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How Has CNC Laser Cutting Changed the Acrylic Fabrication Industry?

CNC laser cutting technology has grown by a lot since computer aided drawing entered the market. The current gen CNC laser cutting machines are digital calibrated. This makes for much more refined and uniform cuts. There are also many other benefits one can get from CNC laser cutting machines. Here are 5 of the most important ones:


How Computed Aided Drawing Influence CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Energy Efficiency

CNC laser cutting offers a much more energy efficient working model thanks to the optimisation of the cutting process. On an average, a non-CAD blanking press or turret would require 50kW of power to operate fully. But CNC laser cutting machines can do with only 10kW of power use.

Diverse Operational Ability

Before CNC laser cutting came into the market, materials could only be cut to their tensile strength limit. However, laser cutting allows us to cut all kinds of materials provided they can be melted with heat.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs before CNC laser cutting apparatus used to be high. But this technology has greatly reduced maintenance and upkeep requirements. Further, computer aided drawing allow for systematic upgrades of the technology. This results in lesser waste and by proxy, lesser repair and replacement requirements.

Enhanced Edging

The quality of the cuts made CNC laser cutting machines are far superior to all other types of mechanisms in the market. The fine edge allows for more prompt fabrication and routing, creating custom drawing and format as required by clients. This has naturally increased the viability of CNC laser cutting for plastic fabrication at a commercial level.

Quicker Turnovers

Swapping from one set of materials for cutting to another set of acrylic sheets used to take as much as 30 minutes in pre-CNC laser cutting models. But now, this changing does not take any time at all. In fact, depending upon the size of the mechanisms, multiple loads or batches can be entered into the machines. This reduces overall processing time and also overall operating costs.


Where Can You Get the Best Computer Aided Drawing for CNC Laser Cutting in Sydney?

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3 Reasons Computer Aided Drawing is the Best Way to Get Customised Products?

If you are a high-caliber entrepreneur, then you know that personalisation is the name of the game in today’s retail world. If you have a physical store, then having customized products in your store that befit its quality and customers’ promise of value is important to success. In these cases and many others, computer-aided drawing is the best solutions in the market. Let us tell you why this is so and how you can benefit from them.


What Makes Computer Aided Drawing the Best Option for Customized Fabrication Products?

  1. Specific Customisation Options: When you look to purchase personalised products of any kind, you want them tailored to perfection to suit your needs. Computer-aided drawing is the best way to make this happen. Using professional digital software, the designers can create any kind of shape and form you want. They can even get creative and deliver exquisite models which will serve to distinguish your business from rivals. This is a great asset for any entrepreneur looking to make their mark on the market.


  1. Highly-Precise Finishing: A common misconception with customised products of any kind is that they are rough finished. This is only a problem if the professionals you hire are not experienced or the machinery used in cutting is not well maintained. But if you hire professionals with the right experience and expertise, then you will get clean cut products that not only deliver value for money but also imply to the quality your business stands for. However, you should make sure the technology used by your hired company is the latest in the market.


  1. Rapid Innovations: The field of computer-aided drawing is growing more and more advanced with each passing year. It is possible to upgrade your designs and products with each new version, and enjoy a cutting-edge reputation. These innovations will also save you a fair bit of money and may even enable you to use previously customised products or their designs in a trendier manner.


Where to Get the Best Computer Aided Drawing Products?

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What is cast acrylic used for?

Because of its excellent acrylic properties, cast acrylic has been widely used in many different applications and environment. Because cast acrylic is easily workable, it can be manufactured plastic fabricators in Sydney to suit a variety of designs. Some of the most common applications where one will find the use of cast acrylic are in the following:

Architecture. The many benefits of cast acrylic (i.e. variety of colours, ease of fabrication, etc.) makes it a favorite construction material for many architects, engineers, and homebuilders worldwide. Some of the most common uses of acrylic in architecture includes doors, windows, canopies, balustrades, balcony guards, patio roofing and many more. In commercial structures, cast acrylic can be used for protective glasses, sounds barriers, flooring and several others.

Furniture Making. With regards to aesthetics, form, and function, acrylic is a very suitable candidate for material to be used. It is usually used in the manufacture of different types of furniture including lounge chairs, coffee tables, cupboards and shelving, cabinet doors, and many others. With it malleable or pliable property, cast acrylic can be fabricated according to a variety of designs made with computer aided drawing (CAD) or any other designing software.
Hospitals and Medical Laboratories. Cast acrylic has certain properties which makes it ideal for many hospital and laboratory settings. Many items found in such places are usually made of cast acrylic. These includes baby incubators and as walls or dividers in laboratory or certain rooms. For instance, a biological research station makes use of cast acrylic in the construction of rooms where they keep insects or animals for study. In the field botany and plant pathology, many greenhouses, especially the larger and well-funded ones, are commonly made from cast acrylic.

Automotive and Transportation. Because of its relative strength and optical clarity, cast acrylic has been used as components of cars, boats, airplanes, and many other types of vehicles. In this sense, cast acrylic is a great material to use for motorcycle and car windshields, caravan windows, gliders, car wind deflectors, truck visors and are even used in submarine periscopes.
Washrooms and Bathrooms. Cast acrylic is usually a much better choice in bathrooms and washrooms because of safety rather than design. For instance, cast acrylic is much tougher than glass, and are thus suitable as shower enclosures or cubicles. In the unfortunate case that someone slips and hits the acrylic enclosure, there is lesser chances of it breaking and causing an accident. Cast acrylic is also becoming a popular material used in the making of bathtubs and shower tray mouldings. With regards to tubs, manufacturers say that they prefer to use cast acrylic over metal tubs because tubs made from cast acrylic are much more comfortable and feels warmer.

Because of the many advantageous properties of cast acrylic, they are the more preferred acrylic material for the above purposes. But what properties are these that make cast acrylic so popular in the above mentioned environments and purposes.

What Is Extruded Acrylic?

Extruded acrylic is actually the more popular type of acrylic, accounting almost three quarters of all the acrylic available in the market. Many entrepreneurs who engage the services of plastic fabricators in Sydney for their projects will usually requests for the product to fabricated using these particular type of acrylic mainly because of its price (extruded acrylic is much cheaper than cast acrylic). Despite being affordable though, good quality extruded acrylic is still considered to be top notch material and is just as good as the others.

Extruded acrylic is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. For instance, they are used in making aquariums, plastic display cases and even lighting fixtures with the aid of plastic fabrication and computer aided drawing (CAD) because of their superb optical clarity. On the outside, they are commonly used as panels for greenhouses, windows for sheds, and as signage for businesses. With regards to outdoor uses, they make the perfect choice since they are resistant to both ultra violet rays from the sun and chemicals and thus have longer service life.

There are some concerns about using extruded acrylic though, especially with regards to outdoor use, and that is that it tends to turn yellow easily. However, this is only true in the cases of substandard or low quality extruded acrylic because high quality acrylic do not suffer such discolouration even after years of use and exposure. What is true though is that they tend to scratch easier than cast acrylic since they are softer. This is why when cleaning extruded acrylic, it is advisable that you use a soft cloth and warm water with detergent and wipe slowly in order to avoid or at least miminise the scratches. In case they do scratch, these scratches are rarely noticeable (depending on how deep they are) and can be easily buffed away.
If taken cared off properly and according to manufacturer’s instructions, extruded acrylic will look good as new even after years of being used. In fact, some really good extruded acrylic can remain looking like new for decades.