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Style and Design

Tile walls are definitely beautiful. They come in a wide array of colours, patterns and designs. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners prefer to tile walls over acrylic shower walls. Also, shower tile walls are manufactured from different materials. There are tiles made from natural stone, ceramic, and even porcelain. The use of such tile walls can help to add texture to your shower walls.

On the other hand, acrylic shower walls come in limited numbers of colours. However, there are a lot patterns and textures available to choose from especially if you get them from well-established plastic fabricators in Sydney. But perhaps the biggest design advantage of acrylic shower walls is that they are capable of giving your showers a seamless and clean appeal, whereas tiles will generally have gaps between them in order to make space for the grout.


A common problem with tile walls is that they are more susceptible to damage compared to acrylic shower walls. It is a fact that tile walls can easily chip or crack, and this will certainly negatively impact the overall look and appeal of your showers. This is why homeowners are always advised to take proper care of their tile showers walls through regular cleaning and maintenance.

On the other hand, acrylic shower walls are more resilient to some forms of damage. For one, they don’t crack or chip as easily as tile walls do. Also, they are protected with special coating which helps them to stay protected against scratches. This is especially true if you get them from plastic fabricators in Sydney who are known for using high quality materials and employing excellent craftsmanship.

But there is one issue that you need to be aware of with regard to acrylic shower walls. That is, if you are having a two-piece or three-piece acrylic shower walls installed (as is the case with really large bathrooms where a single piece of acrylic shower wall is not enough to cover the whole surface), there will be seams or small gaps in areas where the acrylic shower walls are joined.

The problem with this is that if those gaps are not properly sealed, it can allow moisture to seep in. The moisture can build up behind the acrylic shower wall which can lead a variety of other issues. For one, this can lead to the growth and development of mildew behind the acrylic shower wall. Also, this can weaken the adhesive that connects the acrylic to the actual wall, thereby weakening it.

This is why it is important that you have your acrylic shower walls installed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Though plastic fabricators in Sydney manufacture acrylic shower walls, they don’t usually handle the installation process. This is usually done by another group of professionals as fabricators are more concerned about cutting services like acrylic laser cutting in Sydney or design and fabrication using computer aided drawing (CAD). Still, it should be easy to look for someone to do the installation for you.

If you’re having trouble finding one, talk to your fabricator who makes plastic display cases and maybe they can point you to the right direction.