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How Associating with a CNC Routing and Machining Company Can Benefit Manufacturing Companies

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines first emerged during the 1940s. These machines used to perform certain basic functions. With the passage of time, these machines have become highly specialised. In particular, their ability to make various machine tools function automatically by utilising pre-determined computer programs has made them a necessity in today’s business environment. At its most basic, a CNC machine typically features a computer and a tool used for shaping the material. The computer uses a program for controlling the tool and the material. This yields a precisely cut or shaped end product or part.

Numerous industrial and manufacturing entities the world over use CNC machines for producing a diverse range of products and prototypes. Diamond polishers, grinders, mills, lathes and routers represent just a few of the tools that you can control with the help of CNC machining techniques. CNC machines nullify the need for human intervention, when it comes to manually operating the machines during the manufacturing process. Not surprisingly, this aspect can be a huge facilitator when it comes to improving productivity levels while minimising labour costs.

As mentioned earlier, CNC machining comes into use in an array of applications. Many companies that produce items for companies in the automotive, electronic and agricultural sectors rely on CNC machines extensively. Some companies do not have the resources for purchasing the expensive CNC machines. So, they partner with companies offering CNC machining services to produce an assortment of end products. This association can be quite beneficial for the manufacturing entity because CNC machining techniques:

5 Reasons Automated Diamond Polishers are a Better Option

Diamond polishing is an important part of all kinds of industrial design and fabrication services. The polishing brings out the real visual appeal of the fabricated item and also extends its lifespan. Not long ago, the majority of polishing in the industry was done manually by professionals.

However, advances in automation have upped the ante on all aspects of industrial design and fabrication, and diamond polishers are part of the package. If you are wondering what they offer, here’s a look at their biggest benefits.


5 Benefits from Automatic Diamond Polishers



Putting a diamond coat polish on any fabricated material can be a long and daunting task. If it is done manually, the chances of missing out on several places can increase significantly. So, using automatic diamond polishers is a better idea especially if your fabricated product is larger in size.


Diamond polishers, when used manually, can have a variable quality for a number of reasons. When they are used via automated polishers, the overall quality of the polishing improves significantly. This ensures that each item can get maximum benefit from the diamond polish and perform at its best.



Automated diamond polishers can get a lot of units polished within a relatively short amount of time. This optimizes the work flow for the company and also makes possible the handling of larger orders or orders on tight deadlines.


Automated diamond polishers offer better performance in terms of the number of units serviced per polisher change. This means that companies can target more units serviced for each diamond polisher and increase their overall profit. This also means that the machines doing the polishing using the rubber head last longer as well.



Edge polishing machines have recently entered the market and provide considerable process optimization values to design and fabrication companies. This technology builds on previous ones and allows for even great optimization. This is good for companies as well as their clients.


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5 Key CNC Routing and Machining Services You Should Take Advantage of

CNC technology has made a lot of positive impact in the industrial design and fabrication market. Companies can now get all kinds of physical fabrications done on a variety of materials including plastics. While CNC laser cutting is a popular technology, there are other uses for CNC routing and machining you should also know of.

Popular CNC Routing and Machining Processes

CNC Milling

All kinds of milling tasks can be performed with the right calibration of CAD software. Milling processes can allow for performing any number of mechanical tasks without any need for human oversight. So, for industrial organisations, CNC milling is a great asset.

CNC Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting is one of the key areas where this technology is applied. The most popular use for it is in design and fabrication. However, other processes such as refining edges on finished fabrications may also be completed through it. Plastic fabrications are very commonly polished through this method.


CNC technology can also be used for many kinds of welding requirements. The essential idea of the process is the same and machines will be calibrated according to requirements. Plastic fabrication is a commonly applied use for this technology.

Job Shop Quick Turn

CNC technologies are used to validate Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) models and implement their designing process. In a similar way, the technology can also be configured to process multiple materials with different requirements without needing reloading. This greatly enhances the performance quality of the machines and allows for more rapid design and fabrication.

Surface Finishing

Automated diamond polishers are sometimes applied using CNC technology. This allows the diamond polishing to be performed without human oversight. Now, with surfaces, the material used in the fabrication matters a lot and the diamond polisher must be placed accordingly. Plastics are the most popular materials to be polished by diamond polishers.

Where Can You Get the Best CNC Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) Services?

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Why Do Plastic Fabricators Find Acrylic Easy to Work With?

A number of people have some misconceptions pertaining to acrylic. In their view, acrylic will turn yellow, become brittle or crack with the passage of time. However, none of these concerns are correct. These issues might arise with some cheaper varieties of plastic. But, no acrylic product will ever develop or manifest these issues. This is why plastic fabricators in Sydney and other places consider acrylic to be their material of choice. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. In addition, if taken care of properly, acrylic will continue to look as good as new for years to come. Even age or prolonged exposure to the elements will not make it fade or crack. However, it is worth highlighting that extruded acrylic is not as strong as cell cast acrylic. As such, it could crack or splinter during the machining process. This is one of the reasons that plastic fabricators prefer using cell cast acrylic for making higher quality products.

One of the best qualities of acrylic lies in its ability to acquire almost any shape and form with minimal fuss. Fabricating companies typically use an array of moulds and cutting instruments to give acrylic the desired form and shape. When workers cut acrylic sheets, they will usually need to ascertain the kinds of cuts that they will need to make. For this, planning is invaluable. Many acrylic fabricators use table routers for cutting acrylic sheets. Not only is this method highly versatile. It also produces edges of superior quality.

Circular saws and table saws are ideal for producing straight cuts. Similarly, band saws or scroll saws are ideal for performing short and curvy cuts. For accurate straight line cutting, setting up a fence can be worthwhile. Some fabricators employ fine-toothed blades such as plywood panelling blades that fit their saws perfectly. Some saws provide workers with the options needed for controlling the speed. It goes without saying that while fabricating acrylic, the slower the speed, the better the results will be.

Working with glass or metals can be tough. Both materials can be quite heavy. So, manoeuvring them to make the appropriate cuts can be taxing. Similarly, glass is not as tough as acrylic is. In contrast, metals are much stronger than glass. But, cutting metals is not as simple or easy as cutting acrylic. Cutting metals requires additional amounts of effort. This is why many fabricating companies prefer working with acrylic. To produce acrylic in the desired form or shape, fabricators will first cut the acrylic sheet with a saw or with CNC flatbed routers. They will bend the acrylic into the desired shape with heat benders. These benders comprise heated elements that soften the plastic in a seam. Thereafter, workers would be able to bend the acrylic into the desired shape on a jig or another similar tool.

On occasions, the workers could place the acrylic over a purpose-made mould and put it in a specially made oven. Doing so would enable the acrylic to drape over the mould and form a new shape. Known as drape moulding, this process is quite popular among many plastic fabricating companies. Once the plastic has cooled down and bent or formed into its new shape, workers will glue it into place using an assortment of gluing methods. To makes the edges look attractive, workers will use diamond polishers or flame polishers. The former uses heads comprising real diamonds for buffing, sanding and polishing the acrylic, thereby giving it a perfect, glass-like edge. The latter polishes the joins with jets of extreme heat. Vacuum forming and blow moulding are other processes that plastic fabricators typically use. These processes make it easier to create acrylic domes and spheres.

Are You Looking for the Best Acrylic Laser Cutting Services in Sydney?

Companies providing fabrication services will usually work with metals (such as stainless steel) or plastic. Metals typically have higher melting points than plastics. Thus, they will be more resistant to heat. Similarly, their properties make metals ideal for use in places experiencing extremely hot and cold temperatures too. In terms of tensile strength, metals are much better than plastic. In addition, metals are usually more durable than plastic, besides being easy to clean too.


However, certain shortcomings serve to offset many of these benefits. For instance, metal fabricators find it tougher to machine or fabricate metals. In addition, metals have a higher likelihood of requiring post-fabrication finishing. Because metals are not easy to work with, custom applications will invariably be relatively expensive. More importantly, they will feature long production times as well. In situations like these, plastic often becomes the material of choice.


When it comes to acrylic fabrication, FX Plastics Pty Ltd is the name to rely on. For more than 45 years, we have been providing superlative fabrication services to clients all over the country. Over these years, we have developed a large number of fabrication procedures for one-off items as well as high volume production runs. This has given us the ability to offer cost-effective services, without compromising on the quality of the components we produce.


High levels of accuracy and precision are essential in plastic fabrication. Without this, no fabrication company will be able to survive in the industry. Clients need components and products at exacting standards of precision. Clearly, relying on human traits alone will not yield the desired levels of accuracy. This is why we have invested a considerable amount of money towards installing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment at our facility in Marrickville, Sydney. These machines comprise:


  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser cutting machines that can cut sheets with a thickness of up to 25 mm
  • CNC router machines equipped with tool changing facilities to produce intricate and complex patterns
  • Diamond polishing machines that can produce an impeccable finish of surface clarity and,
  • CNC saw cutting machines that facilitate high volume cutting with extremely high levels of accuracy


These highly technical CNC laser cutting machines and diamond polishers enable us to provide high-quality components and prototypes that meet the rigorous demands of our clients.


It is worth highlighting that our staff have a collective experience of around 135 years in the acrylic fabrication sector. Cutting-edge technology, when used by experienced professionals, can yield premium quality components and products. Many companies need to outsource their fabrication requirements. Unlike these establishments, we have trained personnel and the latest equipment to meet any requirements that you might have. In addition, our facility has a diverse variety of acrylic sheets, rods and tubes as well. So, we will easily be able to give you quality products within the timelines specified. For more details, call us at +61 – 2 9550 5844.


Custom-made Frames vs. Mass-produced Frames

There are basically two ways to get acrylic display frames for your establishment. First, you can get them from retail stores that resell mass-produced acrylic frames. Second, you can have them custom-made by reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney. Of the two options available, it is recommended that you go for the latter. There are several reasons why you should do so, some of which are outlined below.


Custom-made acrylic frames can be customised according to your exact specifications. This means that you don’t have to force fit your posters or display materials into standard sized acrylic frames. This will also give you to the chance to personalise your displays and therefore your whole establishment’s look and appeal. Although most acrylic display frames tend to look similar, you can add some sort of style to your own acrylic display frames. Just talk to your chosen fabricator and they can walk you through both the design and fabrication process. With their skills in computer aided drawing (CAD) they will have no trouble bringing your ideas to life.


Every piece of art requires a different type of acrylic display frame. This is to give the overall interiors a different look and feel altogether. By talking to reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney who are experienced in the manufacture of such frames, you can have different acrylic display frames made for each of the pieces you want to display. This becomes an important consideration for many establishments that have different areas or sections and would like to have a unique look and feel for each. Keep in mind that acrylic comes in various tints, though they’re all clear and transparent. Thus, you have the option of choosing not only the size and dimension of your acrylic frames, but you also have the opportunity to go wild with your design ideas by choosing from different colours and styles that will suit your establishment best.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

These are very important considerations to make when it comes to purchasing acrylic display frames. When you choose to go for mass-produced acrylic display frames, you are basically not sure of the quality of the material used and the craftsmanship that went into making them. When worse comes to worst, you’ll end up with an acrylic display frame that has a cloudy or foggy look or chips and damages easily.

When you have your acrylic display frames made by professional plastic fabricators in Sydney, this becomes less of a worry. You can actually visit their shop and see for yourself how the frames are made. The fabricator will also show you the kinds of materials they use so you can gauge for yourself if it is of high quality acrylic. You can even check the equipment they use like the laser cutters or diamond polishers and others just to see if they really have the tools necessary for an excellent job.

Why Are Many Commercial Establishments Using Acrylic to Make their Products Instead of Glass?

Many companies provide acrylic or Perspex cutting services in Sydney and other places. This attests to the increasing levels of popularity of acrylic across the country. In many cases, glass is the material of choice across a diverse range of sectors. But, acrylic is gradually reducing the gap. If you were to take a look around some of the most popular markets in the country, you will find a diverse range of products that feature acrylic. For instance, consider a situation where you went looking around for new shower doors, skylights, windows or even, bath enclosures. You will invariably find the glass varieties of these products. But, more importantly, you will be able to spot several varieties featuring acrylic as well.

Glass is essentially a fragile material. No matter how tough it is, it will remain prone to breaking, shattering or cracking. In contrast, acrylic offers higher levels of strength than glass. This makes acrylic more impact resistant than glass. As a result, it is hardly surprising that acrylic is much safer to use than glass. If you were to throw a hard ball against a glass window, the ball would invariably crash through the window. The glass in the window will invariably shatter into several fragments. But, if you were to do the same against an acrylic window, the result would not be the same. Instead, the ball would end up bouncing off the acrylic window more often than not. It’s not just the higher levels of strength and safety that make acrylic so useful to commercial establishments all over Australia. Acrylic offers better levels of insulation as well. So, if you want windows that are energy efficient so as to save on higher energy bills, you would do well to consider acrylic windows as opposed to glass ones.

For years, people have become extremely familiar with glass windows. As such, they develop the incorrect impression that no other material can offer the clarity that glass can. Acrylic surpasses glass on this count as well. Acrylic glass offers high levels of clarity. Experts opine that it enables 92 percent of visible light to pass through it. It is worth mentioning that thick sheets of glass will invariably feature a greenish tint. In contrast, even the thickest acrylic sheets will remain clear throughout. Acrylic also possesses the ability to weather well too. As such, it is able to retain its clarity over several years without turning yellow or breaking down when exposed to the elements over a long span of time.

For all the strength and durability that it offers, acrylic is surprisingly lightweight. In the view of many experts, acrylic will usually be only half as heavy as glass. As such, it is hardly surprising that numerous fabricating companies find it easier to work with acrylic as opposed to glass. These professionals often use diamond polishers and other tools for polishing and cutting acrylic. In some projects, particularly architectural ones, weight can be an important factor for architects and builders. In such instances, builders will opt for acrylic because of its lighter weight and higher strength. It is also worth mentioning that fabricators can saw acrylic, but not glass. Glaziers invariably score glass instead of sawing it.