What Are Its Benefits?

Extruded acrylic bears many of the same advantages of acrylic over other materials used in similar applications. For instance, it is lighter than glass, making the finished product much easier to move around and transfer. It is also resilient and has higher impact rate than glass. A baseball thrown at a glass window pane for instance will break the glass and pass through, whereas with an extruded acrylic, there is a higher chance of the pane holding and forcing the baseball to bounce away. But aside from these though, there are some characteristics of extruded acrylic which makes them standout than other plastics.
One of the many advantages of extruded acrylic over its counterparts is with regards to its uniformity in thickness. Unlike others, there is little to no variation in the thickness of an extruded acrylic sheet. This is an important factor since variations in thickness can (to some degree) affect the optical clarity of the acrylic sheet. For instance, variations in thickness can distort or affect how the item behind the acrylic is perceived, and with extruded acrylic, this isn’t an issue. In addition, the lack of variations also makes extruded acrylic suitable in situations that require vacuum forming processes and where precise details for more complex shapes and designs are of paramount importance.
Extruded acrylic also costs less than other acrylics – namely cast acrylic. When you buy acrylic sheets for your projects, especially online, it usually is not mentioned whether it is extruded or cast, and one of the ways to determine if it is one or the other is by looking at the price. Extruded acrylic, mainly because of the manufacturing processes, are cheaper than cast acrylic. However, please avoid making a final decision based on this alone as there are unscrupulous individuals who are trying to scam other people. To be really sure, buy only from reputable manufacturers or retailers, or consult an acrylic expert if you happen to know one. You should also do the same when having your purchased acrylic fabricated – that is talking to a professional source when looking for an expert in CNC laser cutting or CNC routing and machining.

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