What are the advantages of cast acrylic?

Many plastic fabricators in Sydney are of the opinion that cast acrylic is a more superior material than extruded acrylic, and for good reasons, too.

Superior surface finish. Cast acrylic indeed has better and smoother surface finish when compared to extruded acrylic, all owing to the production process employed in the manufacture of cast acrylic. Despite this, there may still be some need to further polish or buff cast acrylic with the aid of a diamond polisher, although there may be times when such process may no longer be necessary depending on certain circumstances.

A wider selection of colours. Cast acrylic can be manufactured in a wider range of colours compared with extruded acrylics, with the latter providing limited options for consumers. This is achieved by incorporating master batch pigments to clear acrylic in order to attain the desired colour. Some acrylic manufacturing companies also accept requests for special colours. Thus, if you are looking to use acrylic with particular colours for your plastic display and other needs, then cast acrylic is the better choice.
There are many other advantages of cast acrylic when compared to extruded acrylic that companies offering acrylic laser cutting in Sydney like, most of which are outlined below:

•Better thermal stability
•Higher resistance to crazing when networks of small cracks form
•Wider thermoforming range than extruded acrylic
•More malleable/pliable than extruded acrylic
•Better optical qualities
•More scratch resistant compared to extruded acrylic
•Better chemical resistance (to the same chemicals that affect extruded acrylic)
•Retains its desired shape in the long term
•Doesn’t sag or crack
•Good machining properties, perfect for CNC routing and machining

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