What Are the Benefits of Acrylic Fabrication?

Some decades ago, metal fabrication was in vogue. Whenever commercial entities required finished products or components for their products, they invariably turned to metal fabricators. These fabricators would create the components or products needed based on the specifications provided. However, in the business world, time is at a premium. As such, it did not take long for plastic fabricators to stage an appearance.


Plastic fabricators found that they could redesign multiple metallic parts into a single plastic part. This invariably helped in minimising production timeframes. Plastics are also much lighter than most metals. Assembling plastic components required minimal effort as well. And, the performance of plastic polymers was as good as, if not better than, their metallic counterparts. The longer life of plastic components and the productivity gains ensuing from such operations increased the demand for plastic fabricators in Sydney and other cities in Australia.


Acrylic is a thermoplastic material. Thus, when exposed to extremely high temperatures, it will soften significantly. This enables the fabricators to give the acrylic material almost any shape desired. Acrylic is a suitable choice because it can withstand a broad range of temperatures. In addition, it offers superior weathering qualities as well. In terms of impact resistance, acrylic is superior to glass. As such, it will offer a perfect blend of visual appeal and elegance, without compromising on its durability.

By opting for acrylic fabrication for producing your products and components, you will:

  • Receive products that are both visually appealing and long-lasting
  • Get products that the fabricators can tailor to meet your needs
  • Obtain products that can withstand scratches and dents with ease
  • Receive products that can adapt to any kind of climatic conditions
  • Get products that are solid, despite being lightweight
  • Be able to get a diverse range of products including plastic display units, mannequins, exhibition cases etc. and,
  • Be able to save a substantial amount of money as opposed to the expenses you would incur by opting for metal fabrication

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Acrylic is a lightweight and impact-resistant alternative to glass. It offers higher levels of durability as well. This transparent thermoplastic is fast becoming the material of choice for an array of industries and commercial sectors. Despite being lightweight, acrylic is much stronger than glass. In terms of clarity, it easily surpasses the clarity that glass offers. The ease with which fabricators can transform acrylic into objects of all shapes and sizes has contributed to the popularity of the material. Nowadays, fabricators can produce elegant display counters and signage made of acrylic for use in wide range of applications.


But, if you want quality acrylic products, you will need more than just high-quality acrylic. In particular, you will need to engage a reputed and experienced provider of acrylic fabrication services. At FX Plastics Pty Ltd, we have more than 45 years of experience in plastic fabrication. Over these years, we have developed a comprehensive range of fabrication procedures in our facility in Marrickville, Sydney.


When it comes to acrylic fabrication and cutting acrylic sheets, we are second to none. We can give you a comprehensive selection of acrylic sheets, rods and tubes in terms of thickness and colour. Unlike other fabricators, we have not shied away from investing heavily in acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and machines. Our CNC saw cutting and laser cutting machines can provide highly precise cuts in minimal spans of time. Our highly trained and experienced staff complements our cutting-edge machinery. These professionals can provide your products in-house, thereby eliminating the need to outsource your fabrication requirements. To know more, call us at +61 – 2 9550 5844.

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