What are the disadvantages of using cast acrylic?

Despite the many advantages of cast acrylic over extruded acrylic, it does have its own disadvantages. Many plastic fabricators in Sydney are well aware of these setbacks when working with cast acrylic, and some of the most common ones are outlined below.
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of cast acrylic is that it is much more expensive than its extruded counterpart, and more often than not, this price difference is what makes clients (especially those working with limited budgets) go for extruded acrylics instead. However, when you consider the different advantages of cast acrylic over extruded acrylic – from the quality of the acrylic, to its being scratch resistant and the excellent optical qualities – all these excellent properties makes the price of cast acrylic well justified.
Of course, cast acrylic also tends to suffer some of the issues that affect all types of acrylic over time. This includes yellowing, and even small cracks and weakening of the acrylic itself. However, many of these issues do not readily manifest themselves, and will take years, even decades, before any of these can be noticeable.

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