What is cast acrylic used for?

Because of its excellent acrylic properties, cast acrylic has been widely used in many different applications and environment. Because cast acrylic is easily workable, it can be manufactured plastic fabricators in Sydney to suit a variety of designs. Some of the most common applications where one will find the use of cast acrylic are in the following:

Architecture. The many benefits of cast acrylic (i.e. variety of colours, ease of fabrication, etc.) makes it a favorite construction material for many architects, engineers, and homebuilders worldwide. Some of the most common uses of acrylic in architecture includes doors, windows, canopies, balustrades, balcony guards, patio roofing and many more. In commercial structures, cast acrylic can be used for protective glasses, sounds barriers, flooring and several others.

Furniture Making. With regards to aesthetics, form, and function, acrylic is a very suitable candidate for material to be used. It is usually used in the manufacture of different types of furniture including lounge chairs, coffee tables, cupboards and shelving, cabinet doors, and many others. With it malleable or pliable property, cast acrylic can be fabricated according to a variety of designs made with computer aided drawing (CAD) or any other designing software.
Hospitals and Medical Laboratories. Cast acrylic has certain properties which makes it ideal for many hospital and laboratory settings. Many items found in such places are usually made of cast acrylic. These includes baby incubators and as walls or dividers in laboratory or certain rooms. For instance, a biological research station makes use of cast acrylic in the construction of rooms where they keep insects or animals for study. In the field botany and plant pathology, many greenhouses, especially the larger and well-funded ones, are commonly made from cast acrylic.

Automotive and Transportation. Because of its relative strength and optical clarity, cast acrylic has been used as components of cars, boats, airplanes, and many other types of vehicles. In this sense, cast acrylic is a great material to use for motorcycle and car windshields, caravan windows, gliders, car wind deflectors, truck visors and are even used in submarine periscopes.
Washrooms and Bathrooms. Cast acrylic is usually a much better choice in bathrooms and washrooms because of safety rather than design. For instance, cast acrylic is much tougher than glass, and are thus suitable as shower enclosures or cubicles. In the unfortunate case that someone slips and hits the acrylic enclosure, there is lesser chances of it breaking and causing an accident. Cast acrylic is also becoming a popular material used in the making of bathtubs and shower tray mouldings. With regards to tubs, manufacturers say that they prefer to use cast acrylic over metal tubs because tubs made from cast acrylic are much more comfortable and feels warmer.

Because of the many advantageous properties of cast acrylic, they are the more preferred acrylic material for the above purposes. But what properties are these that make cast acrylic so popular in the above mentioned environments and purposes.

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