What Is CNC Laser Cutting All About

Normally you would think that a cutting process would entail the use of a sharp knife or saw. While this is certainly the case with what a diamond polisher uses, today lasers can be used for cutting a variety of materials. The CNC laser cutting process is being used more than ever today in Sydney for some of the more heavy duty cutting projects that people might hold.

What Does It Cut?

Laser cutting can be used to get through a number of hard surfaces. It works best with metal. Aluminum especially responds well to the cutting process.

How Is It Carried Out?

A standard laser cutter can be handled manually although a CNC cutter is different. It uses a computer aided drawing (CAD) vector file. Such a file can guide a cutter and tell it to move in a variety of directions. The CAD file must be properly filled out and detailed enough so the machine can get through every part of a layout.

What Lasers Work?

Depending on the machine, the CNC laser cutting process will use a carbon dioxide (CO2) or and neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd-YAG) arrangement. CO2 is typically safer although Nd-YAG is more powerful. Either laser can be dangerous if you don’t have proper eye protection. The intense heat generated by each laser is critical to the success of the cutting process and can be irritating to anyone it gets in contact with.

How the Cutting Operates

The laser will create a beam from a tube. The beam will be focused onto a flat sheet of the metal. It will melt or burn the metal at this point. The machine will then move its beam along the body of the metal depending on what the CAD vector file says.

As this works, the laser will generate a smooth arrangement. As the metal melts, it will create a fully polished edge. This should be smooth in its body and should not require any added sanding.

CNC laser cutting is a truly impressive technology worth looking into. Be sure to consider this for your design and fabrication needs the next time you need to get a strong metal material cut into any shape or form.

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