What Is Extruded Acrylic?

Extruded acrylic is actually the more popular type of acrylic, accounting almost three quarters of all the acrylic available in the market. Many entrepreneurs who engage the services of plastic fabricators in Sydney for their projects will usually requests for the product to fabricated using these particular type of acrylic mainly because of its price (extruded acrylic is much cheaper than cast acrylic). Despite being affordable though, good quality extruded acrylic is still considered to be top notch material and is just as good as the others.

Extruded acrylic is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. For instance, they are used in making aquariums, plastic display cases and even lighting fixtures with the aid of plastic fabrication and computer aided drawing (CAD) because of their superb optical clarity. On the outside, they are commonly used as panels for greenhouses, windows for sheds, and as signage for businesses. With regards to outdoor uses, they make the perfect choice since they are resistant to both ultra violet rays from the sun and chemicals and thus have longer service life.

There are some concerns about using extruded acrylic though, especially with regards to outdoor use, and that is that it tends to turn yellow easily. However, this is only true in the cases of substandard or low quality extruded acrylic because high quality acrylic do not suffer such discolouration even after years of use and exposure. What is true though is that they tend to scratch easier than cast acrylic since they are softer. This is why when cleaning extruded acrylic, it is advisable that you use a soft cloth and warm water with detergent and wipe slowly in order to avoid or at least miminise the scratches. In case they do scratch, these scratches are rarely noticeable (depending on how deep they are) and can be easily buffed away.
If taken cared off properly and according to manufacturer’s instructions, extruded acrylic will look good as new even after years of being used. In fact, some really good extruded acrylic can remain looking like new for decades.

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