Why Are Many Commercial Establishments Using Acrylic to Make their Products Instead of Glass?

Many companies provide acrylic or Perspex cutting services in Sydney and other places. This attests to the increasing levels of popularity of acrylic across the country. In many cases, glass is the material of choice across a diverse range of sectors. But, acrylic is gradually reducing the gap. If you were to take a look around some of the most popular markets in the country, you will find a diverse range of products that feature acrylic. For instance, consider a situation where you went looking around for new shower doors, skylights, windows or even, bath enclosures. You will invariably find the glass varieties of these products. But, more importantly, you will be able to spot several varieties featuring acrylic as well.

Glass is essentially a fragile material. No matter how tough it is, it will remain prone to breaking, shattering or cracking. In contrast, acrylic offers higher levels of strength than glass. This makes acrylic more impact resistant than glass. As a result, it is hardly surprising that acrylic is much safer to use than glass. If you were to throw a hard ball against a glass window, the ball would invariably crash through the window. The glass in the window will invariably shatter into several fragments. But, if you were to do the same against an acrylic window, the result would not be the same. Instead, the ball would end up bouncing off the acrylic window more often than not. It’s not just the higher levels of strength and safety that make acrylic so useful to commercial establishments all over Australia. Acrylic offers better levels of insulation as well. So, if you want windows that are energy efficient so as to save on higher energy bills, you would do well to consider acrylic windows as opposed to glass ones.

For years, people have become extremely familiar with glass windows. As such, they develop the incorrect impression that no other material can offer the clarity that glass can. Acrylic surpasses glass on this count as well. Acrylic glass offers high levels of clarity. Experts opine that it enables 92 percent of visible light to pass through it. It is worth mentioning that thick sheets of glass will invariably feature a greenish tint. In contrast, even the thickest acrylic sheets will remain clear throughout. Acrylic also possesses the ability to weather well too. As such, it is able to retain its clarity over several years without turning yellow or breaking down when exposed to the elements over a long span of time.

For all the strength and durability that it offers, acrylic is surprisingly lightweight. In the view of many experts, acrylic will usually be only half as heavy as glass. As such, it is hardly surprising that numerous fabricating companies find it easier to work with acrylic as opposed to glass. These professionals often use diamond polishers and other tools for polishing and cutting acrylic. In some projects, particularly architectural ones, weight can be an important factor for architects and builders. In such instances, builders will opt for acrylic because of its lighter weight and higher strength. It is also worth mentioning that fabricators can saw acrylic, but not glass. Glaziers invariably score glass instead of sawing it.

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