These days’ acrylic screens or sneeze guard screens are very important for any retail shop, Medical Centre, Pharmacy, Supermarket or Convenience store. These Screens are plastic or glass screens designed to protect staff from virus infection in their workplace. These acrylic screens can easily sit on counters or tables from where a staff member interacts with customers and protects them against bacteria or COVID-19 Virus transmission through coughing or any physical contact.

We at FX Plastics are specialized in doing custom fabrication of Acrylic screens or Hygiene Screens which are available in various sizes and shapes as per the requirements. Our customization process includes measurement process where Screen has to install, material quality check and proper installation.

Hygiene Screens

Acrylic Screens, Hygiene Screens or COVID-19 Protective Screens are one and the same thing with different names used in this Pandemic situation across the globe.

Why Choose FX Plastics?

 FX Plastics is well known for offering the most proficient and technologically advanced Acrylic Screens in Australia. We can ensure you not only the perfectly customized products you want but also for a highly competitive price.

We understand the needs of our clients and formulate the ideal Screen to bring them to best. To know more, click here!!