Design and Fabrication

What is Plastic Fabrication?

Plastic fabrication is a specialized manufacturing process that involves shaping, manipulating, and transforming plastic materials into desired products or components. It encompasses a wide range of techniques and processes used to create a diverse array of plastic-based items, from simple to complex designs.

We provide a wide range of design and fabrication services in Australia.

Plastic fabrication plays a pivotal role in various industrial manufacturing processes. With methods such as CNC laser cutting and saw cutting, precise technology is required to calculate and fabricate models.

FX Plastics offers top-quality design and fabrication services in Australia, providing flawless designs, cost efficiency, and reliable results. Discover how our services can benefit your projects and why we are the preferred choice for plastic design and fabrication.

Key Advantages of Our Plastic Design and Fabrication Services

Flawless Designs

Design and fabrication enable the creation of innovative designs that push the boundaries of market trends. With precise calculations and the right technology, designs are fabricated seamlessly, reducing waste and delivering highly precise products to clients. Our expertise ensures flawless designs that meet your specific requirements.

Cost Efficiency

Cost-efficient design and fabrication allow for more efficient manufacturing protocols, resulting in reasonably priced products. Businesses can benefit from highly customized bulk orders, making marketing more effective and exploring new avenues to promote their products and services. Our services help you optimize costs while maintaining exceptional quality.

As a result, businesses are going to find it easier to get the services they want in their budget. This makes marketing more effectively a very easy task for them. At the same time, they get to explore new avenues through which they can promote their products and services.


Another great thing about design and fabrication is that it provides consistent and reliable results, thanks to preset models and specific configurations. Numerical coding ensures competent, competitive, and reliable service delivery. You can rely on our expertise to provide consistent and accurate fabrication results for your projects.

The following are some of the key features our design and fabrication services:

  • Fault Investigation
  • Concept Development
  • Design calculations to applicable Australian Standards
  • 2D/3D CAD modelling and construction drawings
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling for design validation

Get the Best Design and Fabrication Services in Australia!

FX Plastics is your trusted partner for design and fabrication services in Australia. With our top-quality services, we offer meticulously designed and fabricated products using CAD technologies like CNC laser cutting and saw cutting. Whether you require industrial manufacturing solutions or customized projects, our expert team is here to meet your design and fabrication needs.

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