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Get Attractive and Professional Looking Signage for Your Business – Call FX Plastics Today

Business signage, as a marketing and promotional tool has been around for thousands of years, but they still remain to be one of the most effective and important tools that you can use even today. Even if you already have an online presence, you could never get away without having a signage plastered in front of your store or your office. There are many benefits to having an acrylic sign made for your business, but in order for you to truly enjoy these benefits and more, you’ll want to make sure that you enlist only the help of companies that offer excellent design, fabrication, and acrylic laser cutting in Sydney.
FX Plastics has been in the business of designing, fabricating and laser cutting acrylic sheets and helping its clients bring their ideas to life. We offer a variety of services that includes:
• CNC laser cutting
• CNC saw cutting
CNC routing and machining
Diamond polisher
• Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)
• Design and fabrication
For more information about our services, and specifically how we can help you come up with a great and professional looking signage that will attract new customers and be memorable, please feel free to get in touch with us through our telephone line (+61 2 9550 5844). You can also leave a message in our contact page. With our experience and expertise, we can help you design that perfect signage that will speak volumes of your business and brand and thus contribute to the overall success of your company.

Know the basics of CNC laser cutting

If you’re looking for a way that can help you precisely cut materials like acrylic and plastic to create intricate designs, then CNC laser cutting is a perfect solution for you. CNC laser cutting technology is somewhat similar to a printer whereby you or our designers can create any design by using preferred software, but instead of paper the laser beam cuts or engraves these designs on a variety of materials. There are many advantages of acrylic laser cutting in Sydney. Below are some of the prominent ones.

•CNC laser cutting uses a laser beam to cut through or engrave the materials. Since no part of the laser is in direct contact with the material, there’s virtually no chance of any mistake happening.
•Whether you’re looking for diamond polisher or Perspex cutting in Sydney, laser cutting will provide you with amazingly precise results.
•This design and fabrication technology allows you to use the same piece for several different patterns. You can use a variety of software to draw your designs as well.

Tips to Get the Best Out Of CNC Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting has been one of the most popular technologies for fabrication for almost two decades now. However, due to the tremendous popularity of acrylic laser cutting in Sydney, many incompetent companies have also made their way into this industry. Let’s put it this way – without an in-depth understanding of CNC routing and machining technology, you cannot achieve the results you want. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some tips that will help you understand CNC laser cutting in somewhat more detail and get the best out of laser cutting services.

Businesses Benefiting from Using Point of Sale Plastic Display Cases

Almost every type of business that is engaged in selling a product or a service can benefit from using a point of sales plastic display case. Some of the most notable ones include the following:
Product Manufacturers. Different manufacturers often use plastic display cases to promote a new item in their product range. Because these marketing materials are very effective in their promotion efforts, they usually engage the services of companies that offer acrylic laser cutting in Sydney to make their own, brand personalised display cases which they then provide to grocery and retail stores that sell their products.

How Is Extruded Acrylic Made?

Each type of acrylic is manufactured using different processes, and with the case of extruded acrylic, the manufacturing process involved is extrusion. With this particular process, manufacturers make use of extrusion grade polymers, which is different from the kind of polymer used in making cast acrylic. One difference between these two kinds of polymers is their molecular weight, where the former (extrusion grade polymer) has lower molecular weight than the latter (cast grade polymer).
The extrusion process starts by feeding the extrusion grade polymers or resin pellets into an extruder. This equipment then heats the resin pellets until they melt and become molten mass. The molten mass is then forced out of the extruder’s barrel and into steel dies where are flattened to form large extruded acrylic sheets. The thickness of the acrylic sheet is determined by the space between the steel dies – the larger the space, the thicker the resulting acrylic sheet will be. The acrylic sheet is then fed into cooling rolls, after which they move to the cutting process where are they cut into smaller pieces, packaged and sent to the markets for selling.

If you want to have a specific measurement cut from an extruded acrylic, you can try to contact the manufacturing company and inquire if they can accommodate your requests. Unfortunately, while many manufacturing companies do accept such job orders, they will only do so if the order is large enough. If you can’t get a manufacturing company to manufacture the size of the extruded acrylic that you want, you can always rely on plastic fabricators or acrylic laser cutting in Sydney to cut them into the right size for you.

Extrusion is a preferred method for manufacturing acrylics mainly because of its many advantages over other methods. For one, this process is more economical as there are lesser amounts of waste products resulting from it. This is one of the primary reasons why sellers are able to sell extruded acrylic at much lower prices. Extrusion is also faster and more flexible than other methods, and it allows for close tolerances especially when it comes to the acrylic’s thickness.

Plastic Display Cases Can Be Integrated with Modern Technology

Nowadays, plastic display cases are more than just clear boxes where products are displayed – they can now be integrated with different modern technology which can greatly enhance their appeal and at the same time help to promote your business or brand. For instance, plastic display cases can now have LED lights installed in them, which provides additional lighting to better showcase the product in it. These LED lights can also be customised in a way that they emit colours that promote your brand. These visual features will certainly help a lot in getting an ordinary passerby’s attention and turning them into potential customers. Needless to say, acrylic can be molded and customised in the same way that it complements the overall design and marketing goal of the business, and in order to achieve this, you will want to have the help of a fabricator who is skilled in the area acrylic laser cutting in Sydney.