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Making a Plastic Display with Acrylic

Transparent display cases are of great use across many industries, from displaying products in retail stores to foods in restaurants. A plastic display, no matter its use, needs to be very clear, impact-resistant, and lightweight. Acrylic is the best material to fill this function possessing all of these desired properties.

A plastic display is used to showcase products, and the superior clarity of acrylic makes it great for this. Acrylic is actually more transparent than glass, giving much better visual clarity. Glass is also much more reflective which can lead to glare. This can make it difficult to see the objects inside in some lighting. Acrylic sheets show minimal reflection or glare, making them much easier to see through. Acrylic sheets are also much safer and more secure than glass. They have much higher impact strength and do not break into sharp, hazardous pieces which make the plastic display safer.

When acrylic is used for a plastic display, it is easy to produce good quality from expert manufacturers like FX Plastics. First, the required dimensions are established and made into a CAD model. This model guides a highly accurate and efficient CNC laser cutting machine to precisely cut the acrylic sheets to size. Then, the sheets can be assembled into the plastic display and polished using a diamond edge polisher to perfect clarity.

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Steps in the Acrylic Design and Fabrication Process

Since its first production in the late 1920s, acrylic has become deeply entrenched in the manufacturing industry. It is loved for its general strength and high transparency making it great as a glass replacement or whenever a clear plastic display is needed. Design and fabrication of acrylic are incredibly versatile, being able to create a plethora of different parts for different purposes. Some of the main uses of acrylic include windows in aquariums, plastic display cabinets, and more recently hygiene screens for COVID-19. The design process for acrylic is an important part of ensuring quality products, FX plastics are experts in the design and fabrication of plastic products.

To take an idea or need for an acrylic product and make it a reality, these steps are taken:

  1. An initial draft design is produced; this may be a hand-drawn or computer model. This will ensure the requirements of the product are met such as space requirements in a plastic display.
  2. The initial model is made into a final CAD drawing, which includes all correct dimensions.
  3. The CAD drawing is used to guide a state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting machine to precisely cut the required shape.
  4. The freshly cut part is diamond polished for smooth edges in the plastic display.
  5. The quality new part is installed and put to use. One great thing about acrylic is its thermoplastic’ nature, meaning it can be heated and reformed to be bent to exact fits on site. This makes the design and fabrication process even more flexible if requirements were not quite right.

To learn more about the acrylic design and fabrication process, contact FX Plastics, the experts in all things acrylic.

Battle between Plastic and Glass!

An array of  many products being produced, acrylic or plastic is often preferred over glass. Some , acrylic items can be polished to attain the clear and polished look of glass using a diamond polisher. Apart from the aesthetics though, there are many more reasons why acrylic is the material .

  • Pieces made from acrylic are much lighter than their glass counterparts. Take the case of a plastic display cabinet versus a glass cabinet for instance.
  • Plastic is sturdier than glass and will not break as easily. They are also dent and impact-proof to certain degrees, so you no longer have to fear about your kids and pets running around the house. The only disadvantage is that it is more prone to retain scratch marks than glass.
  • Objects made with acrylic are cheaper than their glass or metal counterparts
  • Acrylic items are synthetic with UV-resistant coatings.

Acrylic has replaced glass in many areas including windshields for motorcycles and snow mobiles, display cases for museums or establishments, lighting fixtures, and many more. Complex acrylic fabrication procedures like CNC routing and machining will be required in the creation of many of the above mentioned products.

The way  Acrylic Fabrication Helping Businesses?

Acrylic fabrication has been helping businesses in a myriad of ways. For one, acrylic fabrication can help to create point of sale displays, plastic display cabinets and shelves that allows retailers to showcase their products in a stylish manner. This then attracts more customers to come over and take a look at the product, and can thus help in increasing the potential customer’s urge to want to buy the product – think “impulsive” purchases. In addition, these cabinets provides for a secured means for shops to display their products without fear because these cabinets are secured. The same is true for businesses in the food industry, where hygiene is important and flies are a common problem.

Acrylic fabrication is also a great method of creating branding materials for companies and businesses. Nameplates, signs, or labels can all be made through acrylic fabrication with the aid of computer aided drawing (CAD). In the same manner, cabinets and point of dale displays can also be customized into a wide array of designs and colours that reflects the company’s brand. This being said, there are more and more industries which are turning to acrylic fabrication companies to help them in promoting their business and institutions. For more information, visit FX Plastics Today!

Acrylic Fabrication: 5 Ways Plastic Displays Are Better Than Other Options

Design and fabrication using acrylic sheets are among the most economical options for businesses looking for impactful and yet, economical solutions to their retail branding and other business needs.

Plastic displays and signage installation offers many advantages to stores as well as bigger establishments. Let us look at some of the reasons why plastic displays manufactured using trusted design and fabrication services are a smart choice for businesses. 


Top Reasons to Choose Plastic Displays for Your Business Establishment

  1. When you are thinking about any kind of display, the cost is the first factor that you will consider. In this department, acrylic fabrication has the best advantage among all other options. Plastic displays made using acrylic fabrication come at a very economical cost and can serve the display functions you expect very easily.


  1. When thinking displays, whether indoor or outdoor, you need to consider how you will make them more attractive. Since Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) and CNC machining techniques allow for precise control of the thickness of displays, they are more easily strung up with lighting effects and made attractive than other options.


  1. Modifications are another department where design and fabrication using acrylic sheets is a winning formula. They combine cost efficiency with a high degree of modification options. Since plastic is easily malleable, it is very easy to mold plastic displays into any type of shape you like. So, if you feel like cutting any fabrication shorter in size or expanding a popular one with newer designs, then this is easily done here.


  1. Design and pattern retention is another factor where plastic displays can be of great use. A lot of metal, wood and even treated paper displays are prone to environmental factors. This is not the case with plastic displays. They can be made highly resilient and with customised molding, they can retain their original patterns for a long time. Further, cleaning and maintaining them is much easier.



  1. Finally, replacing plastic displays is a breeze as compared to other displays. Since they do not weigh much, you do not need to have strong support installed. So, in the event that you want to scale up to a bigger display, all it needs is a few modifications in the support. Once done, you can proudly sport a more attractive display.


Should You Choose Plastic Displays for Your Business?

Plastic Displays are a very economical and efficient branding and display marketing option. Choose an experienced specialist like FX Plastics for the job and you’ll get yourself high-quality displays which will serve you well for years to come.

For more information, visit design and fabrication experts FX Plastics or contact our experts today!

Plastic Display – Knowing About Various Plastics

There are several companies who offer a fantastic range of cases and Plastic display which are made out of this versatile material using Laser cutting technology in some cases. A quick overview of the different types of available plastics will give you an insight into the world of plastics.

There are several different types of plastics used for plastic display in commercial and industrial applications. Acrylic which is also known as Perspex offers durability and scratch resistance while being lightweight which makes it quite popular. Marketed as an alternative to glass, it is traditionally transparent and available in different colours, finishes and thickness for various different requirements of Plastic display.

PVC sheets are rigid and highly durable and mostly suited for chemical storage or grease traps. Polycarbonate is similar to acrylic but with added strength and impact resistance and usually available in clear and tinted versions of Plastic display.

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Premium Plastic Fabrication Services Can Readily Bring Your Designs to Life

Not many people pay a lot of attention to the objects or things that they pass by. As a result, they often walk by various things and probably, do not even register them. Consider the example of a person walking hastily to reach the office. This individual will seldom have the time to notice the things that the person is passing by. Because of this, many people do not realise how certain things pervade various aspects of their lives.


For instance, you might know that plastic is a very popular material. It comes into use in a diverse range of industries and applications. From plastic display cases in retail stores to plastic utensils, you will be able to find a wide range of products made from plastic. But, you will probably not realise the extent to which you use or rely on plastic products.


Many industries rely extensively on fabricated rubber, plastic and acrylic items. To cite an example, the food and beverage sector invariably uses a wide range of plastic products on a day-to-day basis. Establishments in this sector use bins, dispensers, sheet trays, straws, lid holders etc. made from plastic. Similarly, commercial offices throughout Australia use desk organisers, cardholders and sign holders made from plastic as well.


It is worth mentioning that you will probably come across fish tanks, pet toys, storage bins and a number of other items made from plastic in your home as well. These examples illustrate the manner in which the use of plastic objects has become so widespread in contemporary times.


However, despite the numerous ways in which people use plastic products, not many people will even deign to think of how such products come into being. The workers employed in plastic fabrication companies are the people responsible for producing such a diverse range of objects. These workers form, bend and machine plastics to emerge with the desired products. In many facilities, these workers will use Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) techniques for designing the product and fabricating it thereafter. These techniques enable the workers to produce an array of products that come into daily use.


An Overview of Plastic Fabrication


The term ‘plastic fabrication’ denotes the processes involved in the manipulation of plastic for producing a wide range of products. It refers to the design, manufacture or the assembly of various products made of plastic. Plastic fabricators use these design and fabrication processes for creating all kinds of plastic items.


In many ways, plastic fabrication is quite similar to metal fabrication. This is because both processes help in shaping a material into different forms. But, fabricating plastic can be advantageous in certain applications. Unlike many metals, plastic is malleable and affordable. It is durable and versatile as well. Thus, it comes into widespread use in a wide range of business sectors and domains.
Some of the most common methods for fabricating plastic include:

 Welding: This process uses heat for melting two or more workpieces together. Adhesive binding usually does not work on thermoplastics. In this scenario, plastic fabricators will weld thermoplastics together. Welding typically involves fusing individual workpieces with a filler material in between. The process of welding itself features different methods such as hot gas emissions, contact welding, spinning or high-frequency vibration.
 Compounding (or Blending): This process combines two or more plastics into an amalgam, prior to forming them into a single part. Workers will usually mix molten plastics to exact specifications. Then, they will form them with shaping tools such as moulds or dies. Plastic fabrication companies often use compounding to make it easier for the workers to work with a specific material or to enhance the performance of the resulting product.
 Lamination: This method serves to create a barrier along the surface of another material. As a result, the product becomes more durable and stylish. In some cases, laminating makes the product more attractive too. Film and resin are the most common types of laminations used. Workers apply heat and pressure to a fabricated film, which adheres the film to the moving substrate.
 Moulding: The process of moulding involves giving the plastic a specific shape. Workers heat the plastic to make it pliable. Thereafter, they place it around or within a mould to cool and harden. Injection moulding comes into use in producing dishware. Rotational moulding is useful for producing hollow plastic products such as buoys, toys etc. Blow moulding helps in creating containers such as fuel tanks, bottles etc.
 Extrusion: CNC routing and machining companies often use this method for creating tubes, pipes or sheeting components. Profile extrusion and sheet extrusion are among the most common processes that fabrication workers employ.
 Foaming: In this process, the workers shape the polymer composites through a process involving physical or chemical blowing. The form products thus formed can take on a variety of different shapes. Round, sheet, film, solid plank etc. are some of the most common configurations that fabricators employ.

Style and Design

Tile walls are definitely beautiful. They come in a wide array of colours, patterns and designs. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners prefer to tile walls over acrylic shower walls. Also, shower tile walls are manufactured from different materials. There are tiles made from natural stone, ceramic, and even porcelain. The use of such tile walls can help to add texture to your shower walls.

On the other hand, acrylic shower walls come in limited numbers of colours. However, there are a lot patterns and textures available to choose from especially if you get them from well-established plastic fabricators in Sydney. But perhaps the biggest design advantage of acrylic shower walls is that they are capable of giving your showers a seamless and clean appeal, whereas tiles will generally have gaps between them in order to make space for the grout.


A common problem with tile walls is that they are more susceptible to damage compared to acrylic shower walls. It is a fact that tile walls can easily chip or crack, and this will certainly negatively impact the overall look and appeal of your showers. This is why homeowners are always advised to take proper care of their tile showers walls through regular cleaning and maintenance.

On the other hand, acrylic shower walls are more resilient to some forms of damage. For one, they don’t crack or chip as easily as tile walls do. Also, they are protected with special coating which helps them to stay protected against scratches. This is especially true if you get them from plastic fabricators in Sydney who are known for using high quality materials and employing excellent craftsmanship.

But there is one issue that you need to be aware of with regard to acrylic shower walls. That is, if you are having a two-piece or three-piece acrylic shower walls installed (as is the case with really large bathrooms where a single piece of acrylic shower wall is not enough to cover the whole surface), there will be seams or small gaps in areas where the acrylic shower walls are joined.

The problem with this is that if those gaps are not properly sealed, it can allow moisture to seep in. The moisture can build up behind the acrylic shower wall which can lead a variety of other issues. For one, this can lead to the growth and development of mildew behind the acrylic shower wall. Also, this can weaken the adhesive that connects the acrylic to the actual wall, thereby weakening it.

This is why it is important that you have your acrylic shower walls installed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Though plastic fabricators in Sydney manufacture acrylic shower walls, they don’t usually handle the installation process. This is usually done by another group of professionals as fabricators are more concerned about cutting services like acrylic laser cutting in Sydney or design and fabrication using computer aided drawing (CAD). Still, it should be easy to look for someone to do the installation for you.

If you’re having trouble finding one, talk to your fabricator who makes plastic display cases and maybe they can point you to the right direction.

Plastic Fabricators Sydney: Are Acrylic Frames Any Good and Should You Have them Custom Made?

Acrylic sign and poster display frames are pretty common sights around many establishments and shopping centres. They are used to hold movie posters, advertisements and several other types of works or pieces of graphic nature. Because they are necessary installations in commercial properties, these frames are one of the most popular items produced by plastic fabricators in Sydney aside from the usual plastic display cases.

In the past years, these display frames were usually made out of glass. However, there has been a steady shift towards the use of acrylic recently. This is mainly because many have learned about the different advantages of acrylic over glass as a display frame material.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Display Frames

As was mentioned, acrylic as a display frame material has certain features and characteristics that make them more appealing than glass.

  • Acrylic Is Durable. Acrylic is a much more durable display frame material compared to glass. Comparing the two side by side, acrylic is virtually unbreakable. This is why acrylic is considered as a material of choice for display frames that gets moved around a lot, as is the case in many galleries and malls. The use of acrylic display frames becomes a necessity when the piece is to be shipped and will be travelling long distances. An acrylic photo frame provides peace of mind that glass photo frames cannot.
  • Acrylic Is Lightweight. Glass is much, much, heavier than acrylic. This makes glass a rather difficult material to work with during the installation since it will require more manpower. Aside from that, it also puts added stress to the wall or column that they are installed in. In addition, larger pieces of glass are prone to breaking and snapping while being handled. Because acrylic is lightweight (twice as much as light, some say even more) these things shouldn’t be a problem. The weight will of course be affected by the thickness of the acrylic. Be sure to discuss with the plastic fabricators in Sydney the thickness of the acrylic to be used in order to better gauge the overall weight of the frame.
  • Acrylic Is Safer. Accidents do happen, especially when you consider all the people that walks into the mall or establishment. It is possible for anyone to knock the display frame and break it. In the case of glass, this will shatter and leave sharp shards lying everywhere. This is rather dangerous for everyone in the property. With acrylic display frames though, this shouldn’t be a problem. They can withstand a significant amount of impact and still remain solid.
  • Acrylic has excellent clarity. When it comes to clarity, many people tend to think that glass is much better than acrylic. However, this isn’t always the case. There are different grades of acrylic and the ones that belong to the higher end of the spectrum like those used by known plastic fabricators in Sydney tend to have better clarity than ordinary glass. For instance, some glass will only allow about 80% of the light to pass through it, whereas acrylic can allow for up to 90%. This means that more light will pass through the acrylic and thus provide more illumination for your posters and signs. This is actually one of the reasons why acrylic is the choice for boat windows, because it allows more of the sunlight to flood a rather small space or cabin and make it appear brighter.

It should be noted that all these benefits can only be truly enjoyed if the acrylic display case is made from excellent quality acrylic and equally excellent craftsmanship. Thus, if you’re having one made, be sure to commission only reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney who are known for using high quality materials.

However, it should be noted that acrylic is not invincible and that they are prone to damage. Here are some of the issues that you may encounter with acrylic.

  • Acrylic Scratches Easily. One of the drawbacks of acrylic display frames is that they scratch fairly easy. This is why it is recommended that you use a soft towel or cotton rag when cleaning them. In fact, even cleaning it with rough paper towel can leave marks on the surface of the acrylic display frame. However, this is only true in the case of low quality acrylic. This is why when you’re having acrylic photo frames made by plastic fabricators in Sydney, be sure to ask about the quality of the acrylic that they will be using. Also, high quality acrylic has industry grade coating that gives it added protection from scratches.
  • Acrylic can Turn Yellow Over Time. There are reports of acrylic display frames turning yellow over time. This is quite normal as the acrylic ages. However, if your acrylic display frame is made from high quality acrylic, then you shouldn’t have to worry. It will take a lot of years before any yellowing shows up.

As mentioned, there are both pros and cons of using acrylic display frames. However, you’ll notice that the benefits will far outweigh the drawbacks provided your acrylic display frames are made from high quality acrylic and by reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney.

Getting Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks from Plastic Fabricators in Sydney

Kitchen splashbacks are important pieces of installation since they protect your walls from splashes and stains. These can be made from various materials, and glass seems to be the most favoured of all, followed by tiles and natural stone and so on. Not to be outdone is acrylic or plastic. Acrylic splashbacks have a lot of advantages over other types of splashback materials which often makes them a better choice. This is why aside from plastic display, acrylic splashbacks are one of the most common projects handled by plastic fabricators in Sydney.

If you are shopping for acrylic splashbacks, or having one custom made by plastic fabricators in Sydney, there are certain things to consider. So here are some of the most commonly asked questions about acrylic kitchen splashbacks as well as some bits of information to help you find the perfect acrylic kitchen splashback for you.

Aren’t Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks Expensive?

When it comes to buying kitchen splashbacks, one of the first considerations for many homeowners is the cost. This is true whether they’re shopping for kitchen splashbacks from stores and showrooms, or whether they’re having one custom made—indulging in all associated processes like design and fabrication.

Note that kitchen splashbacks can be manufactured from a variety of materials. These includes granite, timber, and the most popular—glass. The issue with these materials though is their price. In many cases, these come with hefty price tags which cause homeowners to shy away from them and simply ignore their want for having kitchen splashbacks installed.

The great news is that there’s one material which doesn’t cost as much as the ones mentioned earlier—acrylic. Acrylic kitchen splashbacks, even those made by reputable plastic fabricators in Sydney, are generally very affordable and within the means of the average household. This is especially true when you compare the prices for acrylic kitchen splashbacks versus glass kitchen splashbacks. Thus, if you’re looking for beautiful kitchen splashbacks that won’t break your bank account, then acrylic kitchen splashbacks are definitely the way to go.

There are of course some other factors that will contribute to the overall costs of having acrylic kitchen splashbacks aside from the materials. For instance, there’s the installation fees which will be largely influenced by which professional you choose to install the splashbacks for you. Then there’s also the professional services like the design and fabrication of the kitchen splashbacks. Thus, it is advised that you talk to a professional to ensure that you get the very best value for the budget you can afford.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Reduces Design Errors

A reduction in the number of errors committed by designers in the design process can translate to a variety of benefits for the company and its clients.

For the company, reduced errors means that they will be able to get their design out of the table and into the production stage without having to worry much about any flaws when the final product is completed. For instance, manufacturers will be able to start with their CNC laser cutting processes sooner than usual, and will also benefit from the accuracy of the draft or design courtesy of the CAD software. The same accuracy and its subsequent benefits are also employed in a variety of other applications like CNC routing and machining, CNC saw cutting and many others. Because of the accuracy in the design, manufacturers no longer have to worry about having to repeat their production process which can cost them time and profit.

There are also features of the CAD software that directly helps to reduce any chances of errors in the design process. For instance, the CAD software caches data and information that the designer frequently uses, and when the software senses that the designer has failed to incorporate a certain element or command which he or she commonly uses, the software creates and alert to remind the designer.

Clients also benefit from this because when they choose a design firm that has an expertise in using the CAD software, they can be assured that they quality of the design will be excellent and that any chances of a flawed product being delivered to them is drastically lowered. Even though they simply ordered a plastic display case to be, for example, they can be sure that their design requirements and specifications are met.