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Laser cutting parameters!

CNC laser cutting services use a variety of software to draw intricate designs. However, the quality of final product eventually depends on several laser parameters. Let’s have a look:

•Beam generation: Quality and power of beam depends on pulse frequency and laser power.
•Laser cutting configuration: Experienced professionals make sure to use laser with the right configuration depending on the needs of their clients. Configuration parameters include type and diameter of nozzle and pressure and type of cutting gas.
•Beam delivery: These parameters include cutting speed, focal position, acceleration, focal length of optics and distance between material and cutting nozzle.
•Material: Choosing a perfect laser for your needs is also dependent on the choice of material. Professionals make sure to consider material type, material thickness, and surface and shape of work-piece while choosing a CNC laser cutting technology for your needs.

As you can see, there are several factors involved in CNC laser cutting, and they don’t end with above mentioned tips. So, choosing experienced plastic fabricators in Sydney is of utmost importance. An experienced and well equipped company, such as FX Plastics can help you with all types of industrial process like CNC routing and machining, CNC saw cutting, plastic display and Perspex cutting in Sydney, to name a few. For more information on acrylic laser cutting in Sydney, get in touch with FX Plastics today!

Include Brochures and Flyers

Every inch of your point of sale display is a precious real estate, and every marketing or design expert will tell you to make the most out of them. However, it sometimes happens that because of design restrictions, you can’t fit everything you want to say about your product on your POS display. In this case, you’ll want to prepare some brochures or flyers that you can display alongside your products. This way, consumers who are interested in your product but are still on the fence about buying it can simply grab a brochure and learn more about it. Along this line, you’ll want to design your POS display with a little pocket or a small clear plastic display box for these brochures and flyers because leaving them on the shelves will make your POS display look cluttered and unprofessional.

Talk to a professional engaging in Perspex cutting in Sydney to help you design these little pockets or the whole of your POS display for that matter.

Are you looking for cast acrylic for your plastic display or other needs?

In many cases, cast acrylic does seem to be the better type of acrylic, and the many benefits mentioned above shows it to be so. Its wide application and the variety of environment where it can be use renders it to be a much more desirable acrylic. Of course, extruded acrylic does have its own benefits, especially for those working with limited budgets. However, if you do have the money to spare, or have really strict requirements with regards to your acrylic needs, then cast acrylic would make a much better option, especially with the number of companies that offer Perspex cutting in Sydney.

If you are in need of cutting or fabrication services for your cast acrylic projects (or any project related to acrylic design and fabrication for that matter), please feel free to phone our office at +61 2 9550 5844 or you can contact us via email or by leaving a message on our contact page. With our state of the art equipment and the highly trained personnel in our ranks, and are confident that we can provide for your different acrylic cutting and fabrication needs.