What are the Disadvantages of Diamond Polishing?

A lot of people think that polishing a diamond is the best way to keep it shining – but they are wrong. If you polish your diamond, it will lose its luster; instead, you should clean and take care of it by using a cleaning solution.

Diamond polishing is a process where the rough, unpolished diamond is cut with heavy metal bits to give it a smooth surface. Diamonds are also polished with traditional methods. The process of diamond polishing has many disadvantages which are discussed below.

Diamonds are one of the most loved natural stones in the world and have been since ancient times, with Elizabeth Taylor being among the most famous owners of diamonds in the modern era. However, diamond polishing has many disadvantages that may not be immediately evident.

The first issue that can come up with diamond polishing is that it can create scratches on the surface of the stone which may not be too noticeable immediately but will gradually become more apparent as time goes by. Additionally, this process can cause tiny fractures in areas where you would want to

Diamond polishing is a technique in which a diamond is given a high-polish finish in a process that removes a small percentage of the material from its surface.

While diamonds are being polished, diamond dust is formed due to the pressure exerted on these. These particles are released into the atmosphere on each stroke of the polisher.

The disadvantages of this technique are that it takes more time and effort to attain an ideal level of shine, it diminishes the number of diamonds mined, and there may be an increased risk of damage due to irregularities at the surface of polished stones.

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