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Plastic Fabricators Sydney: Things to Know About Acrylic Sheets Cutting

Acrylic sheets are a great option for businesses that want to save on fabrication costs. They provide some amazing benefits other than reduced cost – including durability, design options and in some cases, recycling which make them very viable options.  

If you are considering getting acrylic sheet plastic designs, then here are some important facts that you should know about the cutting process from some of the most experienced plastic fabricators in Sydney. These will help you understand how to get the best value for money from your acrylic sheets.

Important Facts to Know About Acrylic Sheets Cutting

1.Cutting Methods

Broadly speaking, there are two methods of cutting up acrylic sheets at the industrial level. The first one involves sawing or routing using electrically powered tools. Alternatively, scribing or breaking can be used. These methods are used by different processes for acrylic sheets fabrication.

2. Thickness Matters when Scribing

Scribing as a method for acrylic sheet cutting is only good for sheets that have a thickness no more than 0.236 inches. This method does not involve the use of any electrical tools and so, it can be done by craftsmen or even hobbyists. Of course, the person doing the cutting will need an assortment of tools for the purpose.

3. Sawing and Routing are Optimal

Sawing and routing are the best methods for acrylic sheets fabrication. They are used in industrial processes with routing with CNC machines being the preferred choice for professional plastic fabricators in Sydney. CNC routing is popular because it is efficient and allows for multiple types of acrylic fabrications.

4. Multiple Saws Are Required

Acrylic sheets require multiple types of saws to work properly. There are circular saws, band saws, scroll saws, veneer saws, hole-saws and so on. Each of these saws has their own specific functioning. All of them produce a certain effect on the acrylic sheets and should be used with full understanding of their purpose.

5. Routing is Shaping

Routing provides shapes to acrylic sheets and allows fabricators to turn them in the right directions. This helps to produce the desired effect that clients want without reducing the visual quality of the product itself.

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5 Key Steps for Fabrication of Acrylic Sheets for Plastic Displays

Acrylic sheets are a great option for businesses which are looking for innovative and customised products like plastic displays. There are numerous benefits of using acrylic sheets and a lot of businesses utilize them to achieve their goals at an affordable price. However, not many people outside the fabrication industry know about the actual process. The following list will tell you the 5 essential steps for creating plastic displays from acrylic sheets.


5 Steps for Making Acrylic Sheets-based Plastic Displays

 1. Cutting the Sheets

Acrylic sheets usually come in large sizes. In their original form, they cannot be processed into effective products for businesses. So, they need to be cut down and the fabricator can create plastic displays from them. Now, there are several tools in the market for industrial grade cutting of acrylic sheets.  The most common among these are CNC machines. These tools bend the sheets from the top and add grooves to the sides for better processing later.


 The kind of bending needed on an acrylic sheet depends on the type plastic display it is supposed to become. The fabricator will make the sheet bend at the right places using heat strips. These strips are placed a few inches from the sheet itself. Eventually, the sheets will soften to allow bending. Specifically, the heat strips target the thinner grooved area. These areas are then modified into the shape or design you want.

3. Gluing

Gluing is the process of joining something with the bent acrylic to give it support to stand. This is the form in which it will be installed at your business or in your home. The glue used depends on the strength and overall weight of the acrylic sheet itself. Depending on the type of sheeting and plastic display, clamps and weights may be used to dry the glue.

4.  Finishing

The finishing refers to cleaning out the acrylic sheet such that it resembles the finished product ordered by the client. This is done by paying each piece due attention and ensuring they are cleared of any excess residue or debris.

5. Polish

This is the final part of the fabrication process and involves using hot flames. The fabricator might also use acrylic scratch removers to provide a clean look to the plastic display. Once this process is completed, the display is given to the client.


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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Fabrication with Acrylic Sheets

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. Plastics are materials made from polymers (synthetic resins) that can be remoulded with the application of pressure and heat. Techniques like Computer aided drawing (CAD) have revolutionised the entire plastic manufacturing industry while offering better reliability and quality at the same time. 

Thermoplastics and Thermosets are two broad categories of plastics. This division is based on the behaviour they exhibit when they are heated.

Common materials like acrylic sheets, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride are thermoplastics while ester, polyester, Silicone and Vulcanized rubber are Thermosets. Acrylic sheets are the material of choice for businesses looking for customised, high quality parts at an affordable cost.


How to Choose the Best Fabrication Process for Acrylic Sheets

Below are some significant factors you should consider when deciding on the right production process for your products:

  1. Cost and Volume: Volume is one of the prime aspects of any fabrication process using acrylic Sheets. So, you should have a clear-cut idea of the total parts you plan to manufacture. Many industries have higher setup and tooling costs while some begin with a fewer resources. Cycle time, labour costs, and automation percentage are some of the factors responsible for the cost-per-part.


  1. Size and Shape: The size and shape of the parts are equally important in deciding the correct fabrication process with acrylic sheets. Limited tolerance and complicated internal geometry might affect the manufacturing options. Design for manufacturing methods using Computer aided drawing (CAD) models can be useful here to enhance the economic viability of the product or the part.


  1. Lead Time: The lead time depends on aspects like manufacturing set up and tooling. These can affect the execution of the process.


  1. Material: The material’s ability to live up to its functional requirements, while considering the cost involved can be a key factor for choosing the material. The manufacturer should check the feasibility of the material involved like acrylic sheets, polycarbonate or polyvinyl chloride before starting the fabrication process.


CNC Machining with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

In CNC machining, multiple manufacturing tasks are regulated with the help of computerised devices that employ the Computer aided drawing (CAD) technology. Computer aided drawing (CAD) involves building three-dimensional models based on geometric parameters.

Plastics, such as acrylic sheets, are shaped by cutting, drilling, boring, and grinding. In this subtractive process, the finished product is obtained through the help of lathe machines or milling.


CNC Manufacturing Process: Importance of Computer Aided Drawing (Cad)

  • The setup involves generating tool paths and validating them through Computer aided drawing (CAD). Once the setup is completed, these software programs monitor the movement of cutting tools, their speed, and any other related changes.
  • Machining involves the subtractive process and begins once the tool paths are sent to the machine.
  • In the final steps, after processing, the product or material like acrylic sheets or polycarbonate is shaped and trimmed accordingly.


Advantages with CNC Manufacturing

  • It is ideal for plastic parts that require higher tolerance and have rigid geometries to handle.
  • CNC machining is cost-effective and viable for high-quality production using acrylic sheets.
  • The production involves a shorter lead time.
  • The typical materials that support CNC manufacturing are acrylic sheets, polyethylene, and polycarbonate, polyamide nylon to name a few.


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5 Ways CNC Laser Cutting Can Help Your Business

CNC laser cutting is an effective and proven method for acrylic sheets fabrication, and is used extensively for a diverse range of projects all over the world. In fact, almost everything that involves plastic fabrication uses this process in one way or another.

In the hands of specialists like FX Plastics, laser cutting can help you meet your unique business requirements at a very cost-effective price.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why laser cutting is so popular, especially when it comes to fabrication with acrylic sheets:


What Makes CNC Laser Cutting So Popular?


  1. Consistently Precise Results: Unlike traditional processes involving manual methods, CNC laser cutting delivers absolutely accurate results every single time. This means that you’ll get perfectly matched components quickly and at an affordable cost.


  1. Compatibility: Our machines are compatible with almost every popular design program. Once connected, it readily accepts information and produces pieces with the right shape and size automatically.


  1. Ability to Meet Tight Deadlines: At FX Plastics, we use the most advanced and extremely reliable technology that is capable of meeting very short deadlines without compromising on the quality.


  1. Always Up To Date: At FX Plastics, we make sure to update our machines and software programs on regular basis, so that our clients can benefit from the latest advancements in the industry.


  1. More Capabilities: Our CNC laser cutting processes are designed to offer a broad range of capabilities to our clients. Our skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology can deliver results that even the most talented engineers cannot achieve manually.

Applications of CNC Laser Cutting

 Laser cutting of acrylic sheets can be successfully utilized for a number of purposes. A major benefit of using CNC is that it performs exceptionally well in all types of industries.

Moreover, it accomplishes the job more efficiently and way faster than conventional methods. With the number of capabilities that laser cutting is known for, it can be used to produce virtually any tool or component to suit any types of business demands.  

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How Can Acrylic Sheets Help Create Energy Efficiency?

Solar Panels

Some buildings have solar panels installed in them as part of their efforts to generate their own electricity and thus reduce their power consumption. This is all good and can be viewed as their own way of helping the environment and preserving the natural resources. Along this line, many manufacturers of solar panels make use of acrylic sheet instead of glass when it comes to the manufacture of their solar panels.

Acrylic sheet is used as a component of solar panels used in both construction and industrial settings. Many solar panel manufacturers prefer to use acrylic because they hold up better against harsh weather conditions. And because they are more durable, they can offer better protection to the other components of the solar panels. They also allow more or less 90% of light to pass through them and into the solar cells, which makes them an efficient material and suitable for this particular purpose.


Acrylic sheets can also be used as insulators for buildings. In general though, the insulating properties of acrylic is less than that of glass, and this is one factor where glass can be a more superior option than acrylic. However, acrylic sheet can be and is used as insulation by many contractors and property owners.

Acryl has higher lambda value than glass, meaning it is less efficient as an insulation. Considering the lambda value, where higher value means that it conducts more heat than lesser lambda value materials, acrylic is certainly not the best option. However, the insulating properties of glass can be copied with the use of acrylic sheet.

The way to do this is with the acrylic sheet thickness. What you want is to make use of acrylic sheets that are thicker than glass. Of course there are other things that need to be considered like the thermal treatment for the acrylic sheet and the glazing of the glass it is being compared to.

The downside to this approach is that it may be more challenging for the ordinary person to cut the thicker acrylic sheet to the preferred size and dimensions. As such, you may need the services of an acrylic fabrication company to help you achieve the desired size and dimensions of the acrylic sheet.

Can Acrylic Sheets Be An Alternative To Glass In Windows?

Commercial and Residential Windows

When it comes to windows for both commercial and residential buildings, glass has always been the standard. However, the recent years have seen the growing popularity of using acrylic sheet as an alternative to glass windows. There are many different reasons as to why this shift happened.

For one, there are security issues. In general, acrylic sheet are known to be more durable and shatter resistant compared to glass. Because of this inherent strength of acrylic sheet, it will be much more difficult for unscrupulous individuals to break and enter into the building. This then makes the residents of the building feel much safer and secured.

Another reason is that acrylic sheet is often cheaper than glass. Therefore, by using acrylic sheets in their windows, property owners will be able to enjoy the same look and feel of glass but without having to spend a lot.


Another use of acrylic sheets in the building and construction industry is in the making of skylights. This is because this material is more versatile than glass, which makes them easier to cut and install in most types of roofs. In this regard, glass has certain restrictions although they are often used for the said purpose.

In addition to that, acrylic sheet has a better survivability rate than that of glass. This is especially true in the case of acrylic sheets that have been pre-treated and have glazing or coating applications. With such treatments, acrylic sheets used for skylights has high resistance against smudges and scratches. This allows them to maintain excellent clarity and visibility which are characteristics that anyone would want from their skylights.

Security Facilities

As mentioned earlier, acrylic sheet is generally tougher and stronger than ordinary glass. For this reason, it is also used in the building and construction of security facilities. Here, the acrylic sheets are used to keep the property and people safe.

This is why you’ll often see acrylic sheet used in prison and penitentiary facilities. They are used as confinements for the convicted criminals and even as dividers to separate convicted criminals from their visitors in the visitation area.

Use of Acrylic Sheets in the Construction Industry

Throughout the previous years, acrylic has been commonly used for both commercial and personal purposes. Amongst all types of plastic, acrylic and acrylic sheet remains to be most popular and preferred option all over the world.

Acrylic is mostly used as an alternative to glass, or even in situation where it is not appropriate to use glass. For instance, it is used in the manufacture of household items like dishware and others. For bath and shower rooms, acrylic can also be used in making sinks, bath tubs, and shower enclosures. Companies that offer acrylic fabrication can also use this man made material to make furniture, lighting fixtures, and many other items.

But aside from that, acrylic sheet is also used in the construction industry. Here, it is used for many different purposes. But why is this so? What makes this material an excellent choice for certain projects in the construction industry?

One way acrylic is used in the building and construction industry is for decoration and to improve the aesthetics of the building. Acrylic sheets can be manufactured in certain colours, and the coloured sheets are generally used as roofing materials.

When it comes to the building and construction industry, acrylic sheet is definitely one material that should be considered as a replacement for glass. It has a lot of features and characteristics that make it a better and more suitable for certain projects. It does have its own limitations, and that is something that should be considered before to committing to using acrylic sheet. Still, despite of these drawbacks, the many benefits of acrylic sheet are usually enough to offset the limitations.

Before you can use acrylic sheet in your projects, you may need the help of an acrylic fabrication company to help you cut or modify the sheets in order to make them more suitable for your project. If you are looking for such a company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up through our telephone line at +61 2 9550 5844. You can also leave a message in our contact page. As a premier acrylic fabrication company, we have the necessary tools, technology, and expertise to cut and shape your acrylic sheets and other related services that fits your needs and budget.