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Acrylic sheets – Various different Uses

The use of acrylic sheets have increased exponentially over the last few years. Acrylic sheets are extremely durable, lightweight and less expensive than glass, which makes it very popular for commercial and personal use. They have become the first choice for table top protectors, shelving and large acrylic mirrors.With numerous advantages associated with Acrylic sheets when compared against glass, this versatile material is now being used by many different industries. Since Acrylic sheets offer great durability and is also water resistant, they are used for Submarine windows. Also, the clarity of clear acrylic allows visitors to look around.In luxury pool designs, acrylic sheets can be used as viewing windows which can allow swimming instructors and diving coaches to keep a track of their student’s training. Similarly, acrylic aquariums can be moulded into different shapes and provides a great view of what’s inside. Acrylic sheets can be also used for motorcycle helmets since they are durable, yet lightweight and scratch resistant as well.

Diamond polisher – Polishing Acrylic

Why polishing acrylic is sheets important? Because, machining i.e. sawing, milling and turning leaves behind matte surfaces. Since acrylic sheets are mainly used for visual purpose, hence there is a need to polish the visible surfaces to make them look clear. There are different methods available, however diamond polisher ensures polished edges and high quality polishing.

When using a diamond polisher, the edges on the acrylic sheets are moved over sharp, fast rotating diamonds. If done rightly by an experienced technician, diamond polishing can be easily compared with cast surfaces. The method is relatively inexpensive and can be easily performed on large batches.

Diamond polisher can be used on edges of shelves and signs which have been previously sawn to the right dimensions. This method is exclusively used for straight or sloping sides. It generally cannot be used on rounded corners. There are other polishing methods available as well which includes flame polishing, manual polishing and Laser cutting.

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Design and Fabrication – Custom fabricated solutions

The design and fabrication team at Fx plastics offer flawless designs, cost effectiveness, reliability and high quality. Also, you will find our estimates accurate, prompt and competitive. Design and fabrication involves a series of steps which starts from the design phase based on the customer’s need, budget and timeline.

The first step to achieve custom fabricated solutions with design and fabrication of acrylic sheets is to cut them into necessary sizes. CNC machines are used to achieve accurately cut blocks where it also cuts grooves into the pieces to ensure proper corners. The cut pieces are then bent to achieve the desired shape and design.

The next step in the design and fabrication process of acrylic sheets involve application of glue as per the design. It is important to glue the pieces accurately to avoid unfavourable defects in future. The last step is to polish the necessary pieces before they are assembled.

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Computer aided drawing (CAD) – Important factors to consider

Acrylic sheets are made from polymers which can be easily remoulded with the application of pressure and heat. One of the most popular technique Computer aided drawing (CAD) has revolutionised the plastic manufacturing industry since it offers both quality and reliability without compromising on the aesthetics.

There are certain important factors to consider when deciding on the right production process for acrylic sheets. The cost and volume plays an important role in the fabrication process using acrylic sheets. The cycle time, labour costs and automation percentage are important factors to consider.

The size and shape of the parts are important factors and the Computer aided drawing (CAD) models can enhance the economic viability of the product. The lead time depends on the manufacturing set up and tooling. Choosing the right material is important to ensure that the product lives up to its functional requirements. Computer aided drawing (CAD) helps in building three-dimensional models based on the geometric parameters.

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Acrylic Sheets – Different Types to choose from

Acrylic sheets are extremely popular throughout the world of plastics for their brilliance, shine, remarkable scratch resistance, impact resistance and durability. Acrylic sheets exhibit greater load bearing capacity than polycarbonate which is considered as one of the toughest materials. There are different types of acrylic sheets available which can help in creating customised designs based on your business need.

The most common form of Acrylic sheets are the clear sheets which have staggering variety of dimensions to address all needs. The white acrylic sheets are perfect for unusual dimensions and light sensitive applications such as outdoor signage and advertisements. The rainbow of options available with coloured acrylic sheets offer both aesthetics and durability.

The mirrored acrylic sheets offer the best of both worlds since they have the strength and durability along with a resistant reflective surface perfect for all sorts of service and high stress environments. One can cut their energy costs and manage temperature within their facility with solar tinted acrylic sheets

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Plastic Fabricators Sydney: Things to Know About Acrylic Sheets Cutting

Acrylic sheets are a great option for businesses that want to save on fabrication costs. They provide some amazing benefits other than reduced cost – including durability, design options and in some cases, recycling which make them very viable options.  

If you are considering getting acrylic sheet plastic designs, then here are some important facts that you should know about the cutting process from some of the most experienced plastic fabricators in Sydney. These will help you understand how to get the best value for money from your acrylic sheets.

Important Facts to Know About Acrylic Sheets Cutting

1.Cutting Methods

Broadly speaking, there are two methods of cutting up acrylic sheets at the industrial level. The first one involves sawing or routing using electrically powered tools. Alternatively, scribing or breaking can be used. These methods are used by different processes for acrylic sheets fabrication.

2. Thickness Matters when Scribing

Scribing as a method for acrylic sheet cutting is only good for sheets that have a thickness no more than 0.236 inches. This method does not involve the use of any electrical tools and so, it can be done by craftsmen or even hobbyists. Of course, the person doing the cutting will need an assortment of tools for the purpose.

3. Sawing and Routing are Optimal

Sawing and routing are the best methods for acrylic sheets fabrication. They are used in industrial processes with routing with CNC machines being the preferred choice for professional plastic fabricators in Sydney. CNC routing is popular because it is efficient and allows for multiple types of acrylic fabrications.

4. Multiple Saws Are Required

Acrylic sheets require multiple types of saws to work properly. There are circular saws, band saws, scroll saws, veneer saws, hole-saws and so on. Each of these saws has their own specific functioning. All of them produce a certain effect on the acrylic sheets and should be used with full understanding of their purpose.

5. Routing is Shaping

Routing provides shapes to acrylic sheets and allows fabricators to turn them in the right directions. This helps to produce the desired effect that clients want without reducing the visual quality of the product itself.

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5 Key Steps for Fabrication of Acrylic Sheets for Plastic Displays

Acrylic sheets are a great option for businesses which are looking for innovative and customised products like plastic displays. There are numerous benefits of using acrylic sheets and a lot of businesses utilize them to achieve their goals at an affordable price. However, not many people outside the fabrication industry know about the actual process. The following list will tell you the 5 essential steps for creating plastic displays from acrylic sheets.


5 Steps for Making Acrylic Sheets-based Plastic Displays

 1. Cutting the Sheets

Acrylic sheets usually come in large sizes. In their original form, they cannot be processed into effective products for businesses. So, they need to be cut down and the fabricator can create plastic displays from them. Now, there are several tools in the market for industrial grade cutting of acrylic sheets.  The most common among these are CNC machines. These tools bend the sheets from the top and add grooves to the sides for better processing later.


 The kind of bending needed on an acrylic sheet depends on the type plastic display it is supposed to become. The fabricator will make the sheet bend at the right places using heat strips. These strips are placed a few inches from the sheet itself. Eventually, the sheets will soften to allow bending. Specifically, the heat strips target the thinner grooved area. These areas are then modified into the shape or design you want.

3. Gluing

Gluing is the process of joining something with the bent acrylic to give it support to stand. This is the form in which it will be installed at your business or in your home. The glue used depends on the strength and overall weight of the acrylic sheet itself. Depending on the type of sheeting and plastic display, clamps and weights may be used to dry the glue.

4.  Finishing

The finishing refers to cleaning out the acrylic sheet such that it resembles the finished product ordered by the client. This is done by paying each piece due attention and ensuring they are cleared of any excess residue or debris.

5. Polish

This is the final part of the fabrication process and involves using hot flames. The fabricator might also use acrylic scratch removers to provide a clean look to the plastic display. Once this process is completed, the display is given to the client.


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How Can You Use Acrylic Sheets For DIY Projects?

Acrylic sheets have been used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts at home for a long time. The sheer variety of options in the acrylic sheets market and the ease of working with them make them a very popular commodity. So, there are many uses for acrylic sheets, some are more popular than others. Here is a look at some popular uses of acrylic sheets for DIY projects:


Most Popular Uses of Acrylic Sheets for DIY Projects

Shelves and Coffee Table Covers

Your shelves can benefit from having acrylic sheets installed on them if you don’t have them already. In fact, you can make entire shelves out of acrylic sheets with relative ease. This is a very inexpensive way to furnish your living room or even bedroom with shelves. Also, you can trust them to retain things you place on them but be sure to fix them correctly on your wall.

Acrylic sheets are well-known for their durability and this makes them an ideal replacement for many kinds of glass covers at home. One particularly popular DIY is replacing your coffee table glass with a well-designed cover made from acrylic sheets. Since these sheets can be manufactured in any size, you can customise them as you like and fit them in on your own.  


Picture Frames

If you have any large pictures or even paintings in your home, getting glass for them can be a big expense. Further, they can break or get damaged easily. It is far better to use acrylic sheets frames in order to protect your precious photos or paintings from environmental damage. This is an inexpensive and vastly superior option to traditional glass.


Kitchen Backsplash

Your old kitchen backsplash can really reduce the beauty of your swanked-up kitchen. Why not give it a facelift of its own with acrylic sheeting? You will just need to contact a design and fabrication specialist like FX Plastics, and let them know your requirements. Since acrylic sheets are highly durable and resistant to water, you can trust this new setup stay with you for a long time.


Where Can You Get the Best Acrylic Sheets Products?

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Acrylic Fabrication: 3 Common Uses of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheeting has been a popular invention in the industrial world ever since it came onto the scene. The various qualities acrylic sheets bring with them make them a suitable option for multiple purposes.

Whether you prefer to hire professionals for major and minor home improvement tasks or you are a DIY kind of person, acrylic fabrication is something you must know about. So, here are some key benefits of acrylic sheets that will tell you why they are a good option for you.


3 Places Where Acrylic Sheets Are the Perfect Solution


  1. Windows: Are you worried that your windows will shatter or get dirty fast? Then acrylic sheets are the solution you want. Their near-pristine see-through quality makes them ideal substitutes or coverings for glass windows. They are also highly durable and so, make for top-quality protection against all weather elements. They will also withstand a fair degree of direct force. That is what makes them great for use on windows. Be mindful of the kind of fabrication though as this will impact the durability of your windows a lot.


  1. Greenhouses and Gardens: If you have a greenhouse or even a large garden at home, then acrylic sheets can be a very good covering material for your precious plants. This kind of covering allows maximum light to reach your little plants and also protects them to the utmost from harmful weather elements. This combination of qualities is a great asset when you are trying your hand at growing delicate plants and ferns. Also, the fact that acrylic sheets are easy on the pocket is an even better value proposition.


  1. Art Projects: If you are inclined towards giving your inner soul expressions through art, then acrylic sheets are a great addition to your list of creative supplies. Acrylic glass is very easy to mould and cut as well as colour, and this makes them ideal for all kinds of amateur and even professional art projects. Whether you are an aspiring artist yourself or would like to have your kids explore their imagination, acrylic sheets are a very useful option to explore.


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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Fabrication with Acrylic Sheets

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. Plastics are materials made from polymers (synthetic resins) that can be remoulded with the application of pressure and heat. Techniques like Computer aided drawing (CAD) have revolutionised the entire plastic manufacturing industry while offering better reliability and quality at the same time. 

Thermoplastics and Thermosets are two broad categories of plastics. This division is based on the behaviour they exhibit when they are heated.

Common materials like acrylic sheets, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride are thermoplastics while ester, polyester, Silicone and Vulcanized rubber are Thermosets. Acrylic sheets are the material of choice for businesses looking for customised, high quality parts at an affordable cost.


How to Choose the Best Fabrication Process for Acrylic Sheets

Below are some significant factors you should consider when deciding on the right production process for your products:

  1. Cost and Volume: Volume is one of the prime aspects of any fabrication process using acrylic Sheets. So, you should have a clear-cut idea of the total parts you plan to manufacture. Many industries have higher setup and tooling costs while some begin with a fewer resources. Cycle time, labour costs, and automation percentage are some of the factors responsible for the cost-per-part.


  1. Size and Shape: The size and shape of the parts are equally important in deciding the correct fabrication process with acrylic sheets. Limited tolerance and complicated internal geometry might affect the manufacturing options. Design for manufacturing methods using Computer aided drawing (CAD) models can be useful here to enhance the economic viability of the product or the part.


  1. Lead Time: The lead time depends on aspects like manufacturing set up and tooling. These can affect the execution of the process.


  1. Material: The material’s ability to live up to its functional requirements, while considering the cost involved can be a key factor for choosing the material. The manufacturer should check the feasibility of the material involved like acrylic sheets, polycarbonate or polyvinyl chloride before starting the fabrication process.


CNC Machining with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

In CNC machining, multiple manufacturing tasks are regulated with the help of computerised devices that employ the Computer aided drawing (CAD) technology. Computer aided drawing (CAD) involves building three-dimensional models based on geometric parameters.

Plastics, such as acrylic sheets, are shaped by cutting, drilling, boring, and grinding. In this subtractive process, the finished product is obtained through the help of lathe machines or milling.


CNC Manufacturing Process: Importance of Computer Aided Drawing (Cad)

  • The setup involves generating tool paths and validating them through Computer aided drawing (CAD). Once the setup is completed, these software programs monitor the movement of cutting tools, their speed, and any other related changes.
  • Machining involves the subtractive process and begins once the tool paths are sent to the machine.
  • In the final steps, after processing, the product or material like acrylic sheets or polycarbonate is shaped and trimmed accordingly.


Advantages with CNC Manufacturing

  • It is ideal for plastic parts that require higher tolerance and have rigid geometries to handle.
  • CNC machining is cost-effective and viable for high-quality production using acrylic sheets.
  • The production involves a shorter lead time.
  • The typical materials that support CNC manufacturing are acrylic sheets, polyethylene, and polycarbonate, polyamide nylon to name a few.


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